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John Cena Needs To Break Ric Flair’s Title Record At WrestleMania 32

Photo courtesy John Cena WWE Universe Facebook Page.

So let’s get real. John Cena is the new Ric Flair. No, he’s not nearly as good of a wrestler, or a promo, or an overall performer. But he has something in common with Flair: He’s been at the top for a long, long time.

Think about this Ric Flair was 43 years old when he won the WWF title for the first time. That’s five years old than Cena is now. The idea that Cena needs to sit on the shelf because he has been on top for so long is just ridiculous. Forget 15 championships, Cena should be breaking 20 world title reigns before he is done.

Cena is still the hottest character in the company. Just like Flair, he could have a match with a brookstick and still draw heat. The fans would cheer, “Let’s Go Cena, Cena Sucks,” no matter who he is in the ring with.

Cena needs to be the guy on top. As a good guy he is a draw because everyone wants to defeat him. It would be better if he turned heel. Look what turning heel did for Hulk Hogan. It would work for Cena. Cena doesn’t have to turn on the children. The kids would still love him. But an edgy Cena, who wears a black T-Shirt that says “I’m Better Than You.” would put an edge on his character.

Cena is a walking money machine. Imagine that he turns heel, wins the Royal Rumble and takes on Seth Rollins for the world title in the main event of WrestleMania? Now that’s a great match. Then he could feud with any number of guys as a heel, giving the WWE a new edge.

So many great wrestlers have retired early; Edge, Christian, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart, CM Punk. Cena should not waste his talent playing second fiddle to guys who can’t draw money like he can.

For as long as he is healthy, Cena needs to be the top guy, not only in merchandise, but also with the belt.

  • Robby L. Sklarz

    At this point Cena should be putting other people over. The U.S. Open Challenge was only an excuse to have the entire roster systematically job to Cena. Then people wonder why nobody else gets over. Time for Cena to start giving back to the business.

  • riverrat

    Robby, Vince’s top stars never put any wrestlers over and Cena is no exception. Cena is wrestling the best he has ever wrestled, and by him keeping the US title, or winning the world title, he can put people over by simply wrestling outstanding matches against them. Everyone thinks Cena buried Kevin Owens, but Owens is now the IC champ and looking very strong. The only time Cena should be putting wrestlers over is when he’s no longer the top guy in the WWE, and right now, he’s far from it.