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UFC Lightweight Myles Jury Tells Exactly How Much A Fighter Makes

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Myles Jury posted this in a blog:

In my weekly TheTeamFury.com blogs, there’s a wide variety of topics. This week, I shed some light on “expenses for MMA fighters.”

Like boxing, MMA fighters receive a guaranteed purse known as the “show,” for weighing in at your contracted weight and entering the contest. With a win, you receive a win bonus that is the same amount as your purse to show.
For example, UFC’s 2015 entry pay is now $10,000 to show and $10,000 to win. Right up front, half of a fighte’rs pay relies on whether they win or not. There are expenses such as coaching fees and gym fees, which vary from gym to gym.

Now lets tally up the expenses from the fighter’s 10k/10k purse.
A fighter wins and earns $20,000:
$2,000 (gym / team)
$4,000 (management)
$6,000 (taxes)
$500 (medicals)
$1,000 (coaching)
$1,000 (Misc.)

Total Expenses: $14,500

$20,000 – $14,500 = $5,500 is the fighters profit.

A fighter loses and earns $10,000:
$1,000 (team)
$2,000 (management)
$3,000 (taxes)
$500 (medicals)
$1,000 (coaching)
$1,000 (misc)

Total Expenses: $8,500

$10,000 – $8,500 = $1,500 would be the fighter profit, putting him in a spot of needing to fight again ASAP.

Now this is a hypothetical example where the numbers can vary depending on the fighter, gym and organization they’re fighting for. The upper echelon fighters making 6-7 digits per fight, are configured differently. On the regional scene where fighters are establishing themselves, it’s much more difficult as they’re fighting for a few hundred dollars.

The fighter is the product and It’s imperative for fighters to take care of their bodies and health. Health issues and injuries put a fighter in a bad spot financially. It’s just as important for fighters to be financially educated or they’ll make their life tough if they’re not.

As you should’ve noticed, a whole team loses when their fighter loses. Not only emotionally and physically, but financially as well.

Anyone that thinks this is an easy business for a fighter is sadly mistaken. As you can see from the breakdown above, there are a lot of expenses that go into a high level training camp. Although there’s a lot of money to be made in the sport of MMA, there are a lot of expenses just like most businesses.

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