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Hulk Hogan’s Claim About The Rock is Ridiculous

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Hulk Hogan’s recent comment that the The Rock is the best wrestler he has ever been in the ring against should come as no surprise, considering the fact that Hogan has about as much credibility as Jerry Springer.

Hogan’s comment is laughable on its face. There’s nothing wrong with the Rock, other than he was never a good professional wrestler. He was among the best ever on the microphone, which fueled his career as one of the sport’s all time legends. But here’s what Hogan said about The Rock in an interview with UK publication, The Star:

“The best I’ve ever grappled was the Rock. This guy had the talent. He had everything. If things went wrong in the ring he knew how to fix things on the spot. Not just an instinct. He had a really good feel for this business. So The Rock, without a doubt was easily the best.”

Hogan is clearly pandering to the Rock, probably because he was one of the few celebrities to moderately defend Hogan’s recent racist comments.

Thank God for the Rock and his presence in professional wrestling. He’s a tremendous athlete and good for professional wrestling. But he’s nowhere near most of the professional wrestlers Hogan has stepped into the ring with. So many, many, many professional wrestlers had more talent, timing, offense, defense and overall ability and skill to tell a story inside the ring.

Here’s a short list of some of the wrestlers better than the Rock whom Hogan has been in the ring with:

  1. Ric Flair
  2. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
  3. Shawn Michaels
  4. Bret “The Hitman” Hart
  5. Triple H
  6. The Undertaker
  7. Yokozuna
  8. Sting
  9. Randy Orton
  10. Ted DiBiase
  11. Rowdy “Roddy” Piper
  12. Cowboy “Bob” Orton
  13. Bob Backlund
  14. The Iron Sheik
  15. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff
  16. Harley Race
  17. Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  18. Sgt. Slaughter
  19. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
  20. Kurt Angle

I could go on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. And on. . . . .

Give it a rest, Hulk. No one believes you.

  • Dan Miles

    Mr perfect!

  • cantknockthehustlemayne

    I mean its just his opinion of that week of his personal experiences, what does it really matter? lol

    • Terrence Spencer

      Cos Hogan haters will do anything and say anything to hate on him.

  • Lewis Griffin

    Most of the people on your list aren’t in the Rock’s league. When it comes to drawing power, none of them is on his level. In terms of workrate, things get really debatable when you get to #5 on the list. When it comes to Bret Hart, while he may be a better worker than Rock, he and Hogan never met in an important match during Bret’s prime.

  • Ashley Nicole

    Hogan never wrestled bret hart or Jake the snake Roberts those are facts

    • Ali Nasir Wayne

      he has in wcw

    • Terrence Spencer

      Hogan wrestled Roberts in 1986. Fought Hart in tag matches in WWF and singles in WCW.

  • Kc_delta

    Joshua Molina have you ever wrestled the rock or any of the people that you listed? Then how the phuck do you know if they are better than the rock. If Hogan wants to give the props to the rock then let Hogan give props to the rock. Quite frankly I do not even know how I ended up on this Podunk site reading this Podunk article written by some second guessing half wit hack.

    • Terrence Spencer

      Exactly. Hogan gave Rock props long before this. This punk writer: “No one believes you Hogan”. Then I guess Joshua must believe Hogan. Cos “No One” is who he is.

  • Ali Nasir Wayne

    molina u r an idiot,,sgt better than rock??u r high

  • Ali Nasir Wayne

    yokozuna, jake, slaughter, bob orton, ted dibiase, really???? they were better???? lol.. yoko couldnt even move

  • Ali Shady

    Obvious hate on hogan man. What a poor article

  • Miguel Castellanos

    Like Papa Pump said “does everyone believes me now that HH is a piece of shit? Phony Terry is just saying this because the Rock is a black man…

    • Terrence Spencer

      Wouldn’t believe a word out of Steiner’s mouth for one thing. Biggest piece of shit out there. For another, shut up.

  • Terrence Spencer

    Joshua, shut the hell up and find something else to do. Hogan has named Rock as his favorite opponent for years, long before the Gawker nonsense started. Someone needs to smack the shit out of you. Idiot.

  • Kanenite

    What do you know? Have you ever been in the ring? You strictly know from your own personal opinions and when you “watch”. The question was based on who he felt was his best oponenet and had best match with. SO much hate and no proof. SMH

  • James Lysoby

    Did he really say SGT. SLAUGHTER?!?!?

  • DMan23

    Wow…what did Hogan do to you? But, Savage was definitely the best Hogan ever stepped in the ring with.

  • Kevin Nash

    High on dope or low on IQ. I take Hogans word over you, a random jackass any day.

  • Kevin Nash

    Bandwagon bleeding heart. On Hogan because everyone else is. You fit in you don’t need to try so hard . I just wanted to tell you which group you were aiming forand that you’re in.

  • Arthur Vandelay

    LMAO@Sting being on this list.