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5 Things The WWE Can Do To Boost Ratings

(Daniel Bryan lands a low kick to the grounded Kane)

As happens every year, the WWE Monday Night Raw ratings have diminished, largely because of the return of Monday Night Football.

But the product wasn’t exactly hot even before football launched. The WWE is heading toward the biggest WrestleMania of all time and if it wants to break the attendance record for ATT Stadium it needs to get things going ASAP.

Here are 5 easy things the WWE can do quickly to move the product back in the right direction:

5. Seth Rollins needs to drop the WWE title

Rollins is probably the best wrestler in America. He’s an unbelievable talent and could very well be the future of the company. But he’s being booked wrong. He needs to be a babyface and he needs to be chasing the title. Seth should drop the title to Brock Lesnar in a 5-star match, setting up a face turn where Rollins chases the title all the way. Fans will root for him and he would sell more T-Shirts if he were a good guy.

4. Brock Lesnar needs to win the WWE title

It’s fun to see Lesnar on TV about as often as a blood moon, but the WWE is never going to benefit in ratings in fans can’t count on seeing him somewhat regularly on TV. Lesnar needs to defeat Rollins for the title in a 35-40 minute match where the ratings can build and people can start talking about the match during the match. Then Lesnar needs to appear on Raw at a minimum of every other week. Forget the John Cena U.S. challenge. Launch the Brock Lesnar world title challenge. Lesnar can beat someone new every week, until finally — The Rock comes out and sets up a big program with Lesnar.

3. Bring back Jim Ross

Yes, I was around during the Attitute Era, so I am partial to Jim Ross, but let’s be realistic about this. Listening the WWE Monday Night Raw announcing team is equivalent to watching Ryback vs. The Big Show. It show doesn’t work. We need to return to the storytelling presentation and until someone comes along who is better than Jim Ross, Ross should be the guy. He could be there every other week when Lesnar is there. What about a gimmick where Lesnar demands Ross calls all his matches?

2. Split Triple H and Stephanie

Stephanie needs to develop an on-air flirtation/romance with John Cena. Yes, we know all about their personal lives, but it’s time for the WWE to stop being so honest with everything. Imagine a series of episodes where Stephanie and Cena are seen backstage talking a lot without anyone around, hinting at a relationship. Then slowly Stephanie starts booking Cena favorably and giving in to Cena’s Monday Night Raw requests. Triple H suddenly becomes annoyed. Then one night, Stephanie accidentally gets knocked down by some wrestler while Triple H for some reason is out of the building. Cena just happens to be in the vicinity and comes to her rescue and suddenly she falls in love with him on-screen. Triple H goes nuts and turns, setting up a great feud. Stephanie and Triple as a couple on television together is not what’s best for business.

1. Bring back Daniel Bryan

How can you make WrestleMania the biggest ever? Book Bryan against Lesnar in the main event with the ultimate underdog winning gold. Bryan needs to come back and change his style of wrestling. He’s one of the personalities on the roster who is actually “over” with the fans. Bring Bryan back and have him feud with someone like Dolph Zigger, who can sell for him. Bryan wins the Royal Rumble and heads to WrestleMania. Yes! Yes! Yes!