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Lesnar Admits to “Weak UFC Division” in His Tenure

(Brock Lesnar, former UFC Heavyweight Champion and current WWE Wrestler)

Steve Carrier of Ringside News transcribed the Stone Cold Podcast last night that featured Brock Lesnar:

Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar were seated at the podcast set. Austin thanked Lesnar for his time and noted that he has limited dates and is in demand. They shook hands. Austin recalled the first time he met Lesnar. He said Lesnar was an intimidating badass. He asked if Lesnar tries to be intimidating. Lesnar said he doesn’t try to carry himself that way. Brock said he’s always had a chip on his shoulder and admitted that he “did the picking” on the playground when he was a kid. Lesnar spoke about how he had to work for his success. He said his passion for wrestling made him work hard in the gym. He said it’s been a long road for him.

Austin asked how working on a farm molded him. Lesnar said life on the farm in rural South Dakota meant they didn’t have a lot. He said their income was based on how well their cows produced milk and how well their fields produced grain. He said some years were better than others, but living broke was a way of life. Lesnar said you’re married to your work when you farm. He said that when 4:45 a.m. rolls around, you get your ass out of bed and milk the cows regardless of whatever else is happening. He said that he felt that if he always worked hard it would pay off.

Austin pointed out his camouflage shirt and said he wears it hunting. He asked when they are going to go hunting. He said Lesnar has been talking trash about hunting. Lesnar laughed and said Austin was the one who talks the trash. Lesnar recalled sending Austin a text saying they need to stop talking about it and do it. They agreed they would do it soon.

Lesnar said he’s a Dodge guy when it comes to trucks. He said he’s a Mopar fan and has a ’68 Roadrunner. A photo of the car was shown on the screen. Lesnar said it’s his million dollar project. He said he rescued the truck in South Dakota and had it hauled to Minnesota. He noted that it was a ’78. Austin said it’s badass and looks like Lesnar. They continued to talk hunting, and Lesnar spoke about the type of gun he uses.

They talked grilling and Lesnar noted that he owns four Green Egg grills. Austin said he was just talking with Eric Bischoff, who was singing the praises of that grill. Lesnar spoke about how he likes rye whiskey and Coors Light.

Austin turned the talk to music. Lesnar said he’s a hardcore country fan. He praised David Allen Coe, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings. Lesnar said he grew up with AC/DC, Metallica, and Motley Crue. He said his brothers were long hair rockers and he thought that was cool when he was a kid. Lesnar mentioned a country singer named Colter Wall, and said he’s a big fan of his work.

Austin moved into pro wrestling and asked the usual question about pro wrestler vs. sports entertainer. Lesnar said it’s a good question and asked whether there’s a difference. Lesnar said he’s in the entertainment industry and his job is to put asses in the seats.

Lesnar noted that he didn’t grow up a fan of pro wrestling. He said he wasn’t exposed to it because they only had two channels on his television and they didn’t always get reception of those channels. They spoke about Lesnar’s high school football career. Lesnar said he had a lot of scholarship offers for football, while he had no wrestling scholarship offers. Lesnar spoke about his NFL training camp experience. He said he knew it wasn’t for him early on, but he stuck it out and was the last man cut from the team.

Lesnar said he used to make fun of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football team when he was a wrestler because he didn’t think they were very tough. He said he gained respect for football players because going through training camp was one of the hardest things he’s ever done in his life. Lesnar spoke about going to junior college, and told a fun story about going to California for school briefly because he was short credits. Lesnar said he did not get a degree from the University of Minnesota.

Austin asked how Lesnar fell into pro wrestling given that he wasn’t a fan. Lesnar said he fell into a rut and spent a couple months in the basement because he didn’t know what to do with himself. He said WWE pursued him, and he had some NFL tryout offers, including from Tony Dungy when he was head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Lesnar said he got up and worked out everyday, but he hibernated in the basement because he didn’t know what to do with himself. He said his roommate Chad Kraft was in the same boat, but he is the one who said they had to get out of the basement. He said Kraft now works for Delta.

Austin turned the focus to Lesnar in Ohio Valley Wrestling when it was a WWE developmental territory. A photo of young Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Dave Bautista appeared on the screen. Lesnar said he moved in with Shelton Benjamin, who also attended the University of Minnesota, when he moved to Louisville. He said the workout room and training facility was “barbaric.” Lesnar said he loved that part of it.

Lesnar also added that Jim Ross was the guy he was talking with and he had some prior wrestling camp commitments. Lesnar said he thinks that making those camp commitments showed WWE that he was a man of his word. In the meantime, Lesnar got together with former pro wrestler Brad Rheingans at his training school. Lesnar said he doesn’t think he would have received as much notoriety had he gone to school somewhere other than the University of Minnesota.

Austin recalled Curt Hennig and Ray “Big Bossman” Traylor. taking a liking to Lesnar when he arrived. Lesnar said he met Hennig through Rheingans. He said he wanted to learn from those guys. He said the best place to learn was going up and down the road in the car. He said he also asked Kane and Undertaker if he could ride with them and offered to pump gas.

Lesnar recalled having a Triple Threat match with The Rock and Triple H. He said Rock was leaving and people can say what they want about him and the business, but he taught him to be selfish and to watch his back. He said that if you’re going to thrive in the business, you have to be that way. Lesnar said that Rock wasn’t selfish when he won the championship. Austin asked if Lesnar thought that the business was easy at that point. Lesnar said no. He said it was all very intriguing and stimulating in the beginning and laughed about drinking on the road.

Lesnar said you portray a character on television. Lesnar said he never really changed aside from being a little rougher around the edges, but the peole around you change. Lesnar said he’s not very different than he is on television. He said he just doesn’t like being around a bunch of people. He said he can be in an arena filled with people and be okay with it because he feels like he’s in a dome and he’s protected, but he just doesn’t do well when he’s out with a bunch of people. “I don’t play well,” Lesnar said. “That’s just who I am. That’s why I live out in the middle of nowhere and I have an eight foot fence around my property and I shut the gate when I go, that’s just who I am.”

Austin brought up the shooting star press spt in the WrestleMania match against Kurt Angle. The footage was shown a few times. “I’m lucky,” Lesnar said. “That was a moment in my career when I realized that I failed to take advice from other veterans,” he said. “I was not being selfish there. I was talked into doing that.” Lesnar said he wasn’t comfortable with it, but he wouldn’t say who talked him into it. Lesnar said the person sold him on having a WrestleMania moment. Austin said he was concerned for Lesnar and mad at him because he didn’t need to do that.

Austin recalled refereeing the WrestleMania match between Lesnar and Bill Goldberg when both men were on their way out the door. Lesnar said neither one of them wanted to be there. Austin asked why. Lesnar because he didn’t give a (censored). A shot of Lesnar holding up two middle fingers was shown on the screen. “That was for Vince right there,” Lesnar said. He laughed and said people read it the wrong way, it wasn’t directed at the fans. Lesnar said he felt like a trapped animal at that point. He said there were times when he felt like he wanted to punch the door of the plane off because he felt trapped. Lesnar said he told Vince that he was built to be in the ring, but he wasn’t built to get from ring to ring.

Lesnar said he did not have a plan when he left WWE. He said he was okay with being a dairy farmer in South Dakota. Austin asked about Lesnar going to Japan. Lesnar didn’t seem all that interested in talking about it and said it’s water under the bridge for him. Austin asked if anyone in the locker room has ever expressed frustration over Lesnar coming and going. Lesnar said no. He admitted that he doesn’t go out of his way to hang out with wrestlers. He said he punches in and he punches out. He said it’s a job to him and there are a lot of people that do that in everyday life. He said it’s no different than when he put on a singlet “only they weren’t putting any money in my bank account.”

Austin brought up Lesnar’s MMA career. Lesnar said he went to New Japan and found out about the fighting that was taking place. Lesnar said he wasn’t sure about it, but he pursued a career as a fighter once his New Japan deal expired. He recalled his first MMA fight in Los Angeles. He said it was a one and done. Brock said he was trying to get in touch with Dana White, but he wasn’t taking Lesnar seriously. Lesnar said he told his manager that he was going to buy his own ticket to watch a Gabriel Gonzaga fight. Lesnar said he ran to the octagon, spun White around, and introduced himself. He said White took him seriously and they had a meeting. Lesnar said they talked about everything but money. Lesnar said he didn’t care about it because he wanted to prove himself. Lesnar said he told White that if he couldn’t sell pay-per-views then White didn’t have to have him back.

Austin brought up the Frank Mir loss in Lesnar’s first UFC fight. Lesnar said he was disgusted with himself when he had to tap out because he had trained for the hold Mir used. Lesnar said he saw his entire life fall off a cliff because he didn’t think White would re-sign him. Lesnar said he went back to the dressing room and White was “bouncing off the walls, happy.” Lesnar asked him if it was over. White told him no. Lesnar said they went back to the drawing board and signed a six fight deal.

Lesnar recalled that his next fight was with Heath Herring, who was from Texas, where the interview was being conducted. Lesnar said Herring never spoke again and he would like to talk to him. Lesnar said he hopes Herring is doing well, and praised him for going 15 minutes. Lesnar said his dressing room was across the hall from Herring. He said he wants to be calm and cool. He said he was in that mode until he heard Herring say that he wanted to show Lesnar that this shit is real. Lesnar said he told Herring during the fight “while riding his ass” that “this shit is real.”

Lesnar said he was thankful that White gave him another opportunity. He said they were trying to get Randy Couture back because he left with the title belt. Lesnar said the heavyweight division was a little weak at the time.

Austin brought up Lesnar’s bout with diverticulitis. Lesnar said he doesn’t know if he would be in WWE if he had not come down with the ailment. He said he might still be “banging heads” in UFC. Lesnar said he felt sick at one point and blew it off, then nearly died when he went to Canada. Lesnar said the doctor diagnosed him with diverticulitis. He said the doctor told him he would give him eight hours to have his fever change, but he was going to save his life before his fighting career. Lesnar said he went into surgery thinking his career was over. Lesnar said that when he woke up, he was informed that his fever broke right before they were going to cut him open. Lesnar said his career would have been over if he had needed the surgery.

Austin turned the focus to Lesnar’s return to WWE. He asked him how he mended fences with Vince McMahon, and noted that he had to mend a few of his own. Lesnar laughed and recalled Austin walking out. Lesnar said he didn’t care, then joked and said Austin didn’t want to do the job for him. Austin said he wanted to make money. Lesnar said Austin didn’t have to explain it to him. He said maybe Austin handled it wrong, but he said maybe someone else on the other side did as well.

Lesnar thanked Vince McMahon and Dana White for putting a lot of money in his pocket. Austin asked about Lesnar returning to WWE. Lesnar said he felt robbed by diverticulitis. He said it took him a couple years to kick out of it.

Austin said he loved Lesnar’s UFC promos because “it was Brock being Brock.” Lesnar laughed. Austin asked if Lesnar doesn’t like talking in WWE. “I guess I’m not good at them, I don’t know,” Lesnar said regarding promos. Brock said he wouldn’t be who he was today without Paul Heyman speaking for him. Lesnar said he doesn’t need to talk because his actions speak loudly, so he thinks he and Heyman are a great combination. Lesnar said that when he returned he was minus Heyman, and he thinks they through him out there to see where he was. He said cutting a promo after a UFC fight is different than cutting a promo about an upcoming WWE match. He said there’s so much pent up emotion in a fight and people don’t really appreciate what goes into it.

Austin spoke about going in front of a live crowd on Raw and how it jazzes him up. He asked if he heard the crowd when he fought. Lesnar said there were times. He said when he was in the zone he wouldn’t have known whether there were 10 people or 10,000. He said he feels the fans in pro wrestling. He said when he puts his competition hat on he is in another place.

Austin asked if Lesnar calls the wrestlers in WWE his friends and what their relationship is like and how competitive it is today. Austin said it was a “son of a bitch” back in his day. Lesnar said he’s not involved with the people so much. He said he’s more hands on with Vince McMahon. Lesnar said he wants to know his role from the beginning and where Vince wants him to be. Lesnar said he just wants to come and go. He said that if he doesn’t like what Vince has in mind, he wants to be able to dispute it. He said if Vince is adamant about it, then fine because he is paying him.

Lesnar said that he knew that ending Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania was big for him as a businessman. He said ending it was almost bigger than winning the WWE Championship. Lesnar said he gets a lot of criticism for it. Lesnar spoke about how he has more credibility than anyone out there.

Austin asked what the biggest misconception about him is. Lesnar said he doesn’t really care.

Austin asked how much gas he has left in the tank and where he sees it going. Lesnar said he has a good idea of where he sees it going. He laughed at his own non-answer. He said he is having fun. Lesnar said people fight to get into the business. He said that whether he or Vince saw eye to eye when he left, it probably made them more money because he did leave. He said he went out and made a name for himself by becoming UFC Champion. He said he transferred a lot back to the company when he was in UFC, and he said he brought that back to the company and is there “for a few more years.”

Austin asked what advice he would give a rookie like he was back in the day. Lesnar said he would tell him to make sure he knows what he’s in for. He said people don’t want to work for things these days. He said if you don’t work for something than you won’t ever get anything.

Austin asked Lesnar about the Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker. Lesnar said the cage isn’t very forgiving. He guaranteed that there will be a lot of carnage. Lesnar was in character mode and said he is coming to end Undertaker. He said he is irrigated with him and he’s over it. Lesnar said he has a chip on his shoulder and he’s coming to hurt Taker.

Austin shook Lesnar’s hand and said they have to go hunting, then they wrapped up the interview.

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