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Full WWE Monday Night Raw Results, Including Shield Reunion

(Royal Rumble favorite Roman Reigns)


1. The New Day Def. Dudley Boys and John Cena

2. Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella def. Sasha Banks and Naomi

3. Seth Rollins def. Ryback

4. Sheamus, Rusev and King Barrett def. Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville

5. Kevin Owens def, Mark Henry

6. The Wyatt Family def. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins by disqualification



Welcome to Monday Night Raw and we kick things off with Stone Cold Steve Austin coming out to the ring and he plugs his podcast with special guest Brock Lesnar which airs immediately following Raw.

He then introduces The Undertaker. Undertaker takes the mic and says he and Brock Lesnar have one last battle to fight and the depths of hell will look like the gates of heaven compared to where he’s going to take Lesnar this Sunday

Brock Lesnar’s music plays and out come Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman goes through his usual introduction and says he and Lesnar were just talking about how fitting it is that this Sunday both Lesnar and Undertaker both go into the cell consumed by vengeance.

Lesnar wants to avenge the disgusting result of their last match. Undertaker wants to avenge The Streak which Lesnar conquered at Wrestlemania. Lesnar, this Sunday will take his vengeance upon Undertaker and then Undertaker will learn the lesson of legacy of the conqueror and everything that Brock Lesnar took away from Undertaker

Undertaker says that’s the problem. When you take everything away from a man, that man ends up fighting with nothing to lose. Undertaker then challenges Lesnar to come down to the ring and Lesnar walks down to ringside as Heyman tries to talk him out of it saying this is not the time.

Lesnar jumps up on the apron. Lesnar smiles at Undertaker and jumps down off the apron walking back up the ramp.



Bubba and Kingston start out. Waistlock on Bubba and Ray with a judo throw. Kingston whipped across the ring. Series of quick jabs by Ray and the elbow to Kingston

The Dudleys with the double team on Kingston and Kingston slides out o fthe ring where New Day is calling for a time out as Raw goes to break


Back live on Raw and New Day in control of the match as they put the boots to Cena. Woods whips Kingston into Cena. Nearfall on Cena. Woods with a right hand to Cena. Woods off the ropes plants Cena. Big E gets the tag.

Irish whip into the corner and Big E picks Cena up delivering a side slam. Big E begins to mock the Dudleys. Cena to his feet, connects with a dropkick. Big E with an overhead throw

Big E off the ropes misses with the Big Splash. Cena tags in Devon and Devon unloads with clotheslines on Woods. Woods dropped face first. Kingston and Big E clotheslined and Woods gets planted again

Bubba with a clubbing blow to Big E. Big E and Ray to the outside and Bubba gets shoved into the ring post. Cena from the top rope takes out Big E. Meanwhile back in the ring, Woods with a roll up on Devon for the three count

The winners of the match: The New Day

Post Match: John Cena delivers an AA to Woods. Devon pulls a table out from under the ring and they set it up in the ring. Bubba up on the top rope and Woods gets powerbombed through the table


In-Ring Interview: Dean Ambrose comments on Randy Orton unable to compete at Hell In A Cell on Sunday and says he’s tired of this crap with the Wyatt Family and challenges the Wyatt Family


Side headlock by Alicia on Sasha. Irish whip and Alicia with a shoulderblock. Sasha with a dropkick. Sasha goes to work on the arm. Naomi in plants Alicia as Raw goes to break


Back from break and Team Bella in control as we take a look at action that took place during the break with Nikki delivering the Alabama Slam to Naomi. Suplex by Nikki as we go back to live action. Nikki with a dropkick

Alicia with a snapmare to Naomi and appliesn the surfboard. Naomi back to her feet but Alicia whips her into the corner. Naomi with a kick to the head.

Nikki tags in and takes a swing at Sasha who ducks. Nikki turns her attention back to Naomi who delivers a jawbreaker. Sasha gets the tag unloading on both members of Team Bella. Nikki with a forearm. Naomi tags in with a crossbody and Nikki rolls through. Naomi with a roll up for 2. Nikki with a spinebuster. Cheap shot to Sasha. Nikki picks Naomi up for the Rack Attack.

Naomi looks for the running bulldog but Nikki counters and delivers The Rack Attack for the three count

The winners of the match: Alicia Fox & Nikki Bella


Shawn Michaels comes out to the ring and hypes up this Sunday’s Hell In A Cell PPV. But before he can continue he is interrupted by WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

Rollins asks Michaels what he’s doing out here and says he was supposed to introduce Rollins. Michaels says for 20+ years he’s been given insstructions all the time but once he walks out to the ring it’s gone. So, he decided to come out to the ring and have fun with the fans and they were having a great time until Rollins showed up

Rollins calls Lesnar/Undertaker old news. If Michaels wants to talk about Hell In A Cell he needs to be talking about the man who is going to stop the show this Sunday and who’s been destroying everyone and calls himself Shawn Michaels 2.0 and if Michaels wants to talk about Hell In A Cell he needs to be talking about Seth Rollins

Michaels says Rollins and so many others aspire to be the next Shawn Michaels and the difference between Rollins and Michaels is it never occurred to him to become the second coming of anybody because he was too occupied becoming the greatest wrestler that ever lived.

Rollins, however, should stop concerning himself with Michaels because he has a 7 foot demon after him. Rollins says he’s been a fan of Michaels but Michaels is jealous because Rollins had a Wrestlemania moment that has eclipsed everything Michaels has ever done. Rollins then asks for his music to play

Michaels says the downside of being the 2nd coming of anybody is when you ask for your music to be played they never do it and Rollins isn’t going anywhere because he has a match against Ryback and it’s next



Rollins driven into the corner. Rollins tries for a sunset flip. Ryback bounces Rollins head off the mat. Suplex countered as Rollins delivers chops to Ryback. Irish whip into the corner and Ryback with a chop. Ryback hooks Rollins up for a suplex.

Rollins slides out of the ring. Ryback follows and bounces Rollins head off the apron. Rollins drives Ryback into the apron then throws him into the ring steps. Rollins slides back into the ring. Rollins dives through the ropes driving Ryback into the announce table

Ryback rolled back into the ring and Rollins with a chinlock keeping Ryback grounded. Ryback powers his way out sitting Rollins on the top rope. Rollins kicks him away. Backdrop to Rollins. Ryback goes for ShellShocked but Rollins counters with an enziguri.

Spinebuster by Ryback and he sets up for the Meat Hook. Rollins slides to the ropes. Rollins with the pedigree to Ryback and delivers the three count

The winner of the match: Seth Rollins

Video: Rusev-Summer Rae segment from last week’s Raw



Rusev backs Neville in the corner misses with a right hand. Spinning kick by Neville to Rusev. Crossbody to Rusev, Rusev catches him but Neville turns it around. Cesaro in with a slam

Uppercut by Rusev and Neville with a forearm. Sheamus in with knee and forearm. Sheamus puts the boots to Neville. Neville with a right hand. Sheamus floors Nevile and Barrett in unloading with punches. Suplex by Barrett.

Rusev with a right hand. Neville fighting back. Rusev puts the boots to Neville. Irish whip and Rusev runs into an elbow. Neville to the top rope but Sheamus causes a distraction. Neville sent crashing into the announce table and Sheamus with a clothesline as Raw goes to break


Back from break we have back and forth action both in and out of the ring. Sheamus then delivers a Brogue Kick to Ziggler on the outside and sends him back into the ring where Barrett covers him for the three count

The winners of the match: Sheamus, King Barrett and Rusev


Ric Flair comes out and talks about the history in Dalas. The Von Erichs and The Freebirds and plugs Wrestlemania 32. He then talks about Dean Ambrose teaming up with Roman Reigns to take on the Wyatt Family.

Roman Reigns comes out to the ring as does The Wyatt Family. Reigns says they’re going to do things a little different tonight and he’s got two chairs one for himself and one for Bray Wyatt.

He calls Wyatt into the ring and they sit down. Reigns calls Wyatt a bully who surrounds himself with mountains because he’s afraid to be alone in the ring with Reigns. At Hell In A Cell he’ll have no help because no one can get in and Wyatt can’t get out. Reigns then continuously pokes Wyatt. Wyatt gets to his feet and throws a right hand but Reigns hits a right hand of his own and then takes a chair to Wyatt. Ambrose joins in and they clear the ring of the Wyatt Family

The Authority’s Office: Shawn Michaels walks in and they discuss the handicap match taking place later tonight. Michaels suggests Rollins. Triple H says no he already wrestled once. Rollins cuts in and says he stopped the show once tonight by beating Ryback he can do it again if Ambrose and Reigns want a partner they’ve got one.



Charlotte dominated Brie early on, drawing concern from Nikki down at ringside. They cut backstage to Paige watching her kind-of teammate in action. Back in the arena, Charlotte continued to dominate Brie, so she invited Nikki to fight her in the ring. Nikki balked, then Brie used the distraction to cut down Charlotte. Charlotte fought back and slapped on the Figure-Eight. Brie tapped, frustrating Nikki at ringside. Charlotte and Nikki had a stare down ahead of their title match on Sunday.

The winner of the match: Charlotte

Backstage: Renee approached Paige to ask about her involvement with Becky and Charlotte. Paige laughed off the question, then laughed off the accusation about taking out Natalya on Smackdown. Renee got frustrated by Paige dodging the question, then Paige ranted about any number of current or former Divas who would have a grudge against Natalya. Renee said none of them have a personal issue with Natalya, like Paige does. Paige took exception and avoided the question again by personally attacking Renee, calling her a knock-off Erin Andrews. That ended the interview.



Owens sent to the outside and Henry follows. Owens back in the ring unloading on Henry. Henry with a headbutt. Owens sitll in control hitting the senton. Right hand to the back of the head and Owens continues to unload with kicks and unches. Henry with another headbutt. Axehand across the back and Henry with a big boot in the face.

Irish whip by Henry. Running clothesline in the conrner. A second clothesline but Owens blocks it with a kick and delivers the pop up powerbomb for the three count

The winner of the match: Kevin Owens

Post Match: Ryback comes out to the ring but Owens slides out of the ring. Henry though sends Owens back into the ring and Ryback delivers a powerbomb.

Backstage: Seth Rollins was shown walking down the hallway when Renee Young approached him for an interview. Seth laughed off the idea of a Shield Reunion tonight. He said this is about him. And him proving that he is The Man. Seth said if Dean and Roman want to re-hash the past, then he’ll destroy them again.



Side headlock by Rowan. Irish whip and shoulderblock by Rowan. Rowan off the ropes and Reigns with a right hand. Headbutt to the shoulder and Ambrose tags in.

Ambrose off the ropes with a kick and short jabs to Rowan. Rowan with a knee and a headbutt. Wyatt tags in and a right hand and headbutt to Ambrose. Ambrose with a clohtesline off the ropes.

Rollins unloads with punches and kicks, Running forearm in the corner by Rollins. Second time and Rollins runs into a boot. Wyatt with a knee to the gut


Rowan working over Reigns. Reigns creates separation by delivering a suplex. Ambrose ducks a right hand and unloads on Strowman. Strowman sends Ambrose over the ropes. Ambrose from the top rope with a missile dropkick.

The Wyatts have Ambrose in their corner. Wyatt with a kick to the head. Nearfall on Ambrose and Rowan with a knee to Ambrose. Forearm to the back of the head by Rowan.

Rowan stepping on Ambrose’s head. Right hand blocked as Ambrose fights out of the corner. Side Slam by Rowan. Snap suplex by Wyatt and a senton. Chinlock on Ambrose and Ambrose gets to his feet fighting back

Ambrose counters sister Abigail. Strowman pulls Reigns down off the apron and throws him into the barricade. Missile dropkick by Ambrose. Rowan with a clothesline to the back of the head. Ambrose counters the pumphandle slam with the rebound clothesline

Reigns back on the apron gets the tag and Superman Punch to Strowman. Big boot to Rowan. Reigns with the repeated clotheslines in the corner. Reigns to the outside hits the drive by. Strowman knocked into the announce table. Reigns with the Samoan Drop to Rowan. Superman Punch to Rowan and Strowman breaks up the nearfall. Ambrose back in thrown back out of the ring. Strowman picks Reigns up in the submission hold. Ambrose with the kendo stick going after Strowman and the referee calls for the bell

The winners of the match by disqualification: The Wyatt Family

Post Match: Strowman sent over the top rope and Ambrose dives through the ropes but Strowman grabs him and plants Ambrose rowan and Wyatt unload on Ambrose and Reigns dives over the top rope taking out the Wyatt Family

Wyatt rolled back into the ring. Reigns with a spear to Wyatt. Reigns with a spear to Rowan. Reigns and Ambrose stand tall as Raw goes off the air with Michael Cole plugging the Stone Cold Podcast up next on the WWE Network


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