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Update on Chris Jericho Leaving WWE

(Podaster, wrestler and musician Chris Jericho)

Transcribed by Ringside News: On last Wednesday’s edition of TIJ, the ‘ayatollah of rock and rolla’ is joined by everyone’s favorite residents of Dudleyville, Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley. The Dudley Boyz are talking to Y2J about their time in ECW, early days in the WWE, their run as Team 3D, their latest return to the WWE, and much more.

Jericho and the Dudleyz start off by talking about how long they have been away from the WWE. Devon and Bubba Ray tell Jericho that it has been ten years since they last performed for the WWE. The Dudley Boyz’ last match with the WWE was at ECW One Night Stand in 2005. Jericho asks the Dudleyz why they left the WWE. Bubba Ray explains that Vince pulled the Dudleyz aside one day and told them that he had used the Dudleyz every way he could think of and the WWE had nothing for the Dudleyz to do right now. Vince told the Dudleyz to go home and take a vacation. He told them in two or three months when they had thought up something new, they would call them in again. The break would supposedly help to freshen the Dudleyz up a bit. The WWE decided to hold the Dudleyz back until ECW One Night Stand happened, and keep them as a surprise for that show. Devon says the break was a breath of fresh air, and toward the end Devon thought maybe they just needed a longer break. Devon explains that the Dudleyz had been on the road and on television for over 10 years.


Jericho asks the Dudleyz about the purge of guys that the WWE let go, the Dudleyz were thought to be amongst that group. Bubba Ray comments that that is a big misconception, and the Dudleyz were not let go with those releases. The Dudleyz were actually in contract negotiations with the WWE at the time, and a deal could not be reached. The Dudleyz and the WWE decided to go their separate ways.

Jericho then talks a little about the legacy of the Dudleyz. Devon informs Jericho that the Dudleyz won 23 tag-team championships. Devon then explains how the Dudleyz were influenced by the Road Warriors. Bubba Ray comments that the 20th anniversary of the Dudleyz will be this upcoming April. Devon gives Jericho some grief about snubbing him the first time they met. Bubba says that Jericho once told WOW Magazine that the Dudleyz would not make it in the WWE. Jericho and the Dudleyz share a laugh about these stories.

Then finally Chris jumped on his twitter to inform his fans that he won’t be in the WWE for awhile.

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