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Urijah Faber Talks About “Crappy Week” and Conor McGregor


Former WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber (32-8) has been coaching opposite one of the most outspoken fighters of all time in Conor McGregor on this season’s TUF. Faber was interviewed multiple times last week to speak on his thoughts on Conor and some crazy occurrences that has happened in his life recently, including the departure of current UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillishaw.

“It was the most bizarre thing ever,” said Faber as transcribed by David St. Martin for MMA FIghting. “It took me hours to [clean up]. I was trying to think if there was someone I could call, if there was any 3:00 AM cleaning service. I just had to pony up, roll up my pants and clean this thing up. It was pretty nasty.”“It’s up in the air for me,” the ex-WEC champ and “TUF” coach told MMAjunkie Radio.

“Yea, you know, that all took me by surprise,” said Faber. “This was all along the same week when ‘The Crapping’ happened so it is what it is. At this point, I don’t really have a reason not to fight him other than that we’ve been friends for a long time. Before, it was ‘We’re on the same team.’ We’re not, now. I’ve got to say ‘Yes’ to it at this point.

“It was kind of similar to the drunken poop lady. It took me by surprise. We had lunch and he mentioned it, that he was getting paid to go somewhere else and I’m like, ‘Oh, alright.'”

Faber then talks about Conor’s last fight and actually praises the “Notorious” one.

“[Mendes] trained for two weeks,” said Faber. “He also broke his foot five days into that two weeks. Then he broke his thumb a minute and a half [into the fight]. It wasn’t a fair showing, but Conor is good. He’s real good. The stand up, especially. He’s big for the weight class. I think we saw his grappling isn’t the greatest, but he can take a beating.

“He’s got that big old melon head. He took a beating and he’s got that championship mentality. He’s a tough guy. His ground game, I saw some holes, for sure, but he’s deserving of what he’s got. That’s for sure.”

“Conor winning is f-cking good for the sport,” he bluntly put it.

“People f-cking love that guy, so I think the big money fights would be with him as champion,” Faber said. “So (a McGregor win) makes a lot of sense. But I really like Jose Aldo. It’s kind of a win-win for me.”

“Who’s the easier fight for some of my guys? I’ve gotta say Conor is,” Faber said. “Aldo’s really, really well-versed with takedown defense. You saw Chad (Mendes) was able to take down Conor at will. So having Conor win is a good thing for the wrestlers in the division and the sport in general. And Jose Aldo is a legend.”

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