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Is Jeff Hardy’s Career Over? Vince McMahon Changes Mind on TNA Guys



TNA star Jeff Hardy recently spoke to The Daily Star in the United Kingdom to promote TNA’s upcoming 2016 UK tour. During the interview Jeff revealed details behind his recent knee injury hoping it will not require surgery to fix:

“I have a torn PCL [posterior cruciate ligament] in my right knee and it’s been torn ever since I broke my tibia. They put a rod in my tibia, so after all the swelling went down I knew something was wrong with my knee. I finally went to the doctor, and I had an MRI, and found out it was a torn PCL.”

“I just started physical therapy last week, it’s been really tough. Hopefully that is going to work and I can avoid surgery. Fingers crossed.”

He also recognised that the injury could affect his in-ring style:

“I think a lot of it is psychological. The thing is, my style, I’m the kinda guy who if I feel I can’t wrestle the style that I always have, then I’m not going to want to wrestle at all.”

Vince McMahon is reportedly open to using more former TNA talent on WWE TV according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. His stance has softened bringing in TNA talent, which as of earlier this year would not have been the case.

With Samoa Joe and James Storm appearing on NXT, it appears the company is using the WWE Network-exclusive show as a platform to transition wrestlers from “TNA guys” to “WWE guys.” Storm is still appearing on TNA on cable TV, as the matches were taped back in July.

Joe and Storm are reportedly there to help add some experience to the upcoming NXT tours. You can expect to see them continue to be paired up with more inexperienced wrestlers in the ring. The two former TNA stars have yet to be earmarked for the main roster.