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Reigns Didn’t Know The Shield Would Split Until the Day Of

(Roman Reigns)

Roman Reigns joined “The Buzz with Jimmy Trina” to talk about several topics and to promote Susan G. Koman for National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Roman revealed that he found out about Seth Rollins turning against The Shield on the day of the show. Here are some highlights:

On a possible Shield reunion:

“It’s tough because I enjoy what I’m doing now. I enjoy being a singles guy. I enjoy commanding the stage with myself and an opponent. It’s a different process when you’re teammates. Especially with the way we work. We’re very unselfish with how we work together in so many different regards. Not just what you see as the final product of the match. Just strategizing, psychology, teamwork. What made us so empowering is that we helped each other and we always looked out for each other and you didn’t see that in wrestling too often. Even in factions, it’s a very individual game, but The Shield, we were just iron-clad brothers in black. We made it more about the group than anything. I miss that. I miss that camaraderie.”

On winning back the fans that turned on him:

“It’s been a work in progress. The crowd is the crowd. You’re gonna take them as an individual performer how you take them. The key is how do you learn from them. How do you use whatever is happening reaction-wise to get better.”

On the popularity of The New Day:

“Although I’ve beaten some of their asses in the past few weeks, I enjoy watching them. You can tell they’re having fun. That’s a huge thing. When you can see a talent having fun, you can invest more.”

Currently Reigns has been in a long term feud with Bray Wyatt, he lost to Wyatt when a returning Luke Harper interfered in a singles match at Battleground. Roman would get revenge when he joined former Shield member Dean Ambrose and the pair were able to pickup a victory over the newly reformed Wyatt Family. Then in the next month Dean and Roman would add Chris Jericho into the fold and would be defeated by The Wyatt’s and newest member Braun Stroman. The rivalry was supposed to be “finished” on Raw this past Monday night in a singles match between Roman and Bray but the contest ended in a double count out and Roman speared Wyatt through a table to close out the night.

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