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UFC’s Daniel Cormier and Rashad Evans Sound Off on Jon Jones

(Daniel Cormier as cohost, Photo via FOX Sports: UFC Tonight)

Former opponent of Jon Jones and current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier (16-1) spoke out today about the verdict laid down on Jones and thinks he can come out of all the much in a positive manner.

“When this incident happened, the thought wasn’t really that Jon was going to serve jail time,” Cormier said. “The hope was that there would be some sort of punishment for his actions, and that was the punishment levied by the judicial system. The system is in place for a reason, so we have to all agree that it’s fair. Jon is not getting off scot-free. He will now be able to help young children and talk to them so that they don’t make mistakes like he has over the course of his life.”

Daniel adds that Jones can gain positivity from all this and would love a rematch with the man responsible for Cormier’s only loss.

“Hopefully on the other side he becomes a better person and he gets back to doing what he does best, and that’s fighting. I would love to fight him,” he added. “I have to get by Alexander Gustafsson first, and then we’ll see what happens. But yeah, I would love for it to be Jon Jones next.”

Another former Jones advisory was former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans (19-3-1) and he not only showed compassion towards Jon but wants to salvage their relationship.

“It’s kind of a sad situation for me honestly,” Evans told FOX Sports. “My heart really goes out to Jon because despite us having our beefs and everything, I care about Jon as a person. I think when this journey’s over and said and done, I hope we can all grow as people and look back and say we had crazy years training together and fighting together.

“I don’t wish the hardships that he’s going through on anybody. To have a drug problem like he had or be in a situation like he is in right now because it’s a serious thing because it tears down so many people around you that care about you. The hardest thing in the world is to watch someone you love really not be able to get themselves together and really struggle on a level so bad when it seems and it appears that they have it all.”

Evans even went on to say that Jones is one of the best the sport of mixed martial arts has ever seen.

“My heart goes out to him and I hope he’s able to make a recovery and come back and compete in the UFC again,” Evans said. “He’s one of the greatest fighters the UFC has ever had. For him to go out in a less than admirable way is not something that I would like to see for him. I’ve got so much respect for him as a competitor.”

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