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WWE Raw Results 9/29/2015; Wyatt vs Reigns to End Rivalry

(Bray Wyatt, photo via lockerdome.com)

This last Monday Night Raw kicked off with a familiar concept in John Cena taking to the ring and proclaiming that if any superstar wants a pice of the WWE United States Title from the back, then “Come get some!”

The New Day answered the call and put on another absolutely stellar promo, proclaiming that John Cena is “booty” and even gave the chant a sing-song to Cena’s entrance music. Pena then told The New Day to either pick one to challenge for the Title now or “I’ll kick all of your A@#$#” and Xavier Woods was chosen.

The match, as virtually all matches for the U.S. Title are, was great. Woods had some great spots where he pin-pointed Cena’s arm however as soon as John got heavy momentum, The New Day (after being barred from ringside) came from the back and made the save.

John Cena def Xavier Woods by DQ

Then when the 3 on 1 attack on Cena began, the Dudley’s came in to even the odds and thus a 6 man tag match ensued. The match was back and forth but Kofi hit the “Trouble in Paradise” for the pinfall victory on D-Von.

New Day def Dudley Boyz & John Cena

Mark Henry is out to take on the Big Show next and one would think with all the talk of Henry retiring soon that he wouldn’t be getting squashed. However he does against The Big Show who is being primed for his date this weekend against Brock Lesnar at the Madison Square Garden event.

Big Show def. Mark Henry

Then in a strange turn of events Charlotte called out Paige on Miz-TV but was answered by Team Bella where Nikki proclaimed that she was the one that started the “Divas Revolution.” Then Paige came out and a 6 Divas tag match followed where Paige made her absence felt again, only Natalya took her place but to no avail.

Team Bella def Team PCB

Harper and Stroman took on the former Tag Champions The Prime Time Players in a match that was chaotic since the bell began it. The match was back and forth for the most part but Stroman got his mitts on Titus and choked him unconscious prompting the ref to stop the match. One would assume why Stroman and Harper went over on former WWE Tag Champions, however the answer is very simple as Stroman and Harper will take on the Brothers of Destruction when the WWE travels to Mexico.

Harper and Stroman def. The Prime Time Players

The comic book rivalry continues with Neville and Stardust only this time it is interrupted by a returning Wade Barrett who promptly meets Neville with a Bullhammer. Stardust attempts to remind Wade that they are (or were) partners only to eat a bull hammer as well.

Neville vs Stardust – No Contest

Bo Dallas comes out and cuts a promo for the Buffalo Bills that are on the front row for this edition of Raw, and you can kind of feel what the punchline is going to be here. Bo says there’s one thing they are missing and that is a Super Bowl trophy that they can obtain if they just…..Bo-Lieve. Then Randy Orton comes out and in a 3 minute squash match and destroys Bo Dallas easily.

Randy Orton def Bo Dallas

Then the storyline of the night was Director of Operations, Kane being evaluated by a lady from Human Resources. After the lady deemed Kane of a sound mind, Seth Rollins went ballistic and started beating the crap out of Kane and even placed his ankle inside of a chair and continued to bash at it so much so that the EMTs had to come out and wheel Kane out on a stretcher. Seth then took the microphone to gloat about how he put Kane away however Kane re-emerged from the back of the Ambulance in his mask and straightened his leg to show his ankle was fine and made his way back to the ring to utterly destroy Seth Rollins.

Owens was then slated to face Rusev with Ryaback at ringside on commentary. Rusev was thrown into Ryback which prompted Ryback to make his way into the ring only as a trap so that Owens and Rusev could beat on the former Intercontinental Champ, Ryback. Then the calvary came out to help in the form of Dolph Ziggler who cleared the heels from the ring.

Kevin Owens vs Rusev – No Winner

Then a promo being cut by Paul Heyman was live in the center of the ring being burdened the task of selling Lesnar vs The Big Show this weekend in the main event of the WWE’s Madison Square Garden event. He was then interrupted by the World’s Largest Athlete who reminded fans again that he was the first to hand Lesnar a loss in the WWE. He asked Paul if brock was nervous about facing him and Heyman did not reply.

Main event followed which was set to be Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns to end their much heated rivalry once and for all. This match was incredibly entertaining from start to finish. These two beat the fire out of each other and both received great spots and great feedback from the audience. The result of the contest was a double contour that didn’t detour either Roman or Wyatt from halting the beatings they were dishing out. The pair fought in the audience and it seemed like the show would come to a close when Bray shoulder tackled Reigns through the barricade to which the crowd responded with “HOLY S$%@” chants. Bray then stood on the Announcer table to gloat abut was met with a brutal spear through the table that the crowd went absolutely bananas for. Then the show ended.

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns ended in a double countout.

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