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Don Frye Calls NSAC “Ret#@%&*” Jones a “Piece of S%$#” and Rousey “Delusional”


Former UFC legend Don Frye (20-9-1) may be the most colorful sit down interviewee of all time. Frye opened up on a number of topics to Submission radio and here are the highlights:

On Nick Diaz’s suspension.

“Oh yeah, I think that the decision is horses—. I think these guys don’t know how to wipe their own ass, that’s how retarded they are with their decisions. There’s no reason for him to be suspended for five years for smoking dope. Everybody knows marijuana is a harmless drug and it’s not a performance enhancing drug.”

“They’re going to turn around and they’re going to give Jon Jones his license back? Jon Jones?…who is a multimillionaire and has three or four ‘baby mamas’ – which means you and everybody else who pays taxes are buying these little bastards … you know? And he’s wrecking cars and he’s found with coke in his system twice and DUIs, and they’re gonna get this guy fighting again? This guy should be done for life. And I like Jon Jones. I’m a fan of his as a fighter, but as a person apparently he’s a piece of s—. Now they’re going to let this guy fight, but not Nick Diaz who is just smoking marijuana? There’s something wrong with these a$$holes.”

“They should be canned right there. They should be sued, they should be disqualified in their position. They are the epitome of the word ‘unprofessional’ just for that. I mean, they were told that he has the right to plead the 5th and their response was, they don’t care. They’re in charge, they’re going to run it the way they want to. You know, that is the most un-American, unprofessional response I’ve ever heard in my life. They need to be deported.”

Frye was asked to comment on ‘Tank’ Abbott’s remarks about UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, and sandwiches.

“(laughs) I love it. I think Tank stole that from me about making a sandwich,” he said. “I think I said that. I think that’s great. I’m sorry Ronda but I saw an interview with you where you were saying that you’re the ‘Bantamweight champion of the world’ and the UFC doesn’t distinguish between men and women. But I’m sorry to hurt your little female delusional brain but you are the Bantamweight ‘female’ fighter. You have no chance of beating a male fighter. So you do belong in the kitchen making a sandwich if that’s your thought. Otherwise, you are the greatest female fighter on the planet. That’s, the bottom line is female.”

Confirming a funny story that Urijah Faber told about Don Frye joking to Team Alpha Male that he’d consider getting breast implants for 10 million dollars

“We were sitting there having a couple of drinks together, it’s just the good old boys. Next thing you know he’s got me on YouTube or whatever the hell it is…yeah I’ll pull a Bruce Jenner. For 10 million dollars. I’ll wear a pair of tits for a year. Yes I will.”

On what happens after the year is up if Don gets rid of the breast implants

“Heck yeah, unless they offer me another 10 million or 20 million. Each year goes up. It goes 10 mil towards each titty. Yeah so that’d be 20.”
On Kanye West running for President in 2020“Well the last I heard, he was gonna leave the country, right? So now all of a sudden he wants to be President? Buddy, his head’s stuck in that big fat-ass of his girlfriend and it’s cut off the oxygen or what?”

If Don would vote for Kanye in 2020.

“F— no. He already turned his back on the US, said he wanted to leave, so no. Now you don’t get to come back. You don’t get to change your mind and want to be the leader of the country. Sorry. Make up your mind, you’re too unstable.”

On the Yakuza being involved in Pride.

“You know that’s so funny, the Yakuza involved…the Yakuza is involved in everything over there, but they just don’t want to admit it. The Yakuza owns the taxis over there. You know, at midnight the subways shut down and you’re forced to take a taxi until 6 or 7am in the morning. You know why? Because the Yakuza owns the taxi system. The mob has their hands in everything over there, just like they do in Russia and just like they do here in the US. Okay? So let’s get our head out of our ass and then just admit, life is life. I’m sure it’s the same over there in Australia.”

If Don thinks Fedor would have done well in the UFC had he chosen to go there instead of Japan.

“Oh hell yeah, hell yeah. There’s, the light heavyweight division is the weakest it’s ever been. It’s always been a weak division in the UFC, the light heavyweight division, and its weakest now than it’s ever been. And the heavyweight division only has one man, that’s Werdum. And everybody else is 17 stories below the man. So yeah, he could have walked in and had his choice at the championship belt in two weight classes.”

On if Don would consider coming back from one more fight.

“You know, I guess not. I made that offer (to fight Kimbo Slice in Bellator) and apparently Scott Coker, Bellator didn’t take the bite. And he hasn’t called me, so he needs to take promoting 101 so to understand how to get an organization off the ground.”

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