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UFC’s Gegard Mousasi Needs A Change Of Scenery


It’s time for Gegard Mousasi to join his fellow ex-Strikeforce fighters and join Bellator MMA.

Mousasi at one time was one of the best strikers in the business. He was cat-like in his assault and Floyd Mayweather-esque in his defense. He was a rising star, winning the Strikeforce light heavyweight championship..

But like many of the Strikeforce fighters, Mousasi hasn’t quite transitioned well in the UFC. It’s not his fault. He’s had bad stylistic match-ups in the UFC. Mousasi also seems to have lost a bit of his passion for the sport.

He fought at UFC Japan last week and was surprisingly knocked out by Uriah Hall. Mousasi showed a good first round, but then was caught with a spinning heel kick that put him down, prompting Hall to jump on him and knock him out.

Mousasi should not be getting knocked out by a guy like Hall, who is talented, but not yet an elite middleweight. Rather than hanging around as a mid-card guy, Mousasi should end his career in Bellator. He would put on some great matches with guys like Phil Davis, a rematch with King Mo, and maybe even get a shot at light heavyweight champ Liam McGeary.

Bellator doesn’t even have a middleweight champion. It’s not that Mousasi is not talented enough to appear in the UFC. He is. But he needs a change of scene. His loss to Hall means he is years away from getting a UFC title shot. Mousasi might find more compelling match-ups in Bellator, with better storylines, than risking it all in a match with little build-up, on an overseas show designed to do nothing but make money in new market. Mousasi needs a team behind him that will see him as the premiere athlete that he is.

It’s embarrassing that he’s getting knocked out by an Ultimate Fighter cast member and even more embarrassing that he’s getting knocked out. He deserves better than that.