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King Mo Calls Tito a D&%$ Rider, Joe Warren Thinks MMA Will Get More Violent

(Photo courtesy of King Mo's Facebook)

Bellator’s King Mo was injured last weekend after his match with Linton Vissell at Bellator Dynamite, however his beef as of now is the man that lost in the main event, Tito Ortiz:

“I heard and saw on Twitter that there was a man doing some d**k-riding … and that’s Tito Ortiz,” said Lawal.

“I heard after Liam submitted him he was waiting there, took the microphone and talked about himself,” said Lawal. “Talking himself up after he got submitted. How do you do that? How do you get submitted in two to three minutes [4:41] and then talk about how good you are? Come on, man. Tito Ortiz gets the “d**k-rider of the week” award.”

Lawal then went on to actually describe his vision for the physical manifestation of the award. Let’s just say former Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney served an integral role.

“He needs to slap himself,” said Lawal. “Every week I’ll tell you who’s d**k-riding. There might be a couple of weeks where there might not be one, but where I’m from, Tito Ortiz deserves that award right now.”

Another Bellator competitor, Joe Warren has strong views about the future of MMA and believes the sport will only get more violent.

“I mean, this is my fifth year right now and it sucks for me,” said Warren. “Because I’ve had to… I’ve learned how to fight on television in front of you guys, so I’ve made mistakes. I’ve done good things, I’ve done bad things, but it’s always been in front of you guys. It’s never been semi-pro fights or smaller fights before. I learned inside of the cage, I never even trained. I just took a flight to Japan and started fighting.

“I didn’t even start fighting until I was 32, I never even put a glove on. So, I’m thinking, I had to rush into it. I think in the years to come, in the progression of this sport, it’s going to get so much more violent, because the kids are going to be so technically sound. That being said, the fights will be a little slower, but they’ll be more violent. Meaning, if someone does throw a punch or a kick, it’s going to knock somebody out. It’s going to change a lot. I don’t know how long people are going to stay on top.”

“The Bellator fans are really pretty knowledgeable about the smaller weights, though. They follow me and they follow all of us featherweights as much as they do our heavyweights, or more. I think they’re just more knowledgeable fans. The other fans are paying for a knockout, are paying for a drinking fight; something to have a good time, watch someone get knocked out. Those are the guys that are booing people in the stands … I think it’s just an evolution of the sport that, the longer the sport’s around, the more knowledgeable people will get about it and see the difference in technique with our smaller fighters than the bigger fighters.”

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