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Will Carlito Return to WWE? Plans for Sting at Wrestlemania 32 Revealed


Carly Colon aka former WWE United States, Intercontinental, and Tag Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool has been going along the indy circuit since his departure from the WWE in 2010. He was released from the promotion due to a violation of the WWE Wellness program stemming from an addiction to pain killers.

However the absence of Rey Mysterio has created a void for a prominent latino wrestling figure. WWE officials were interested in bringing back former star Carlito as a top Latino star for the company, which they are struggling to find at the moment. The Lucas receive a very good pop from the crowd when they come out but the WWE seemed to always have one guy that was of latin descent that could challenge for any title.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports WWE offered Carlito a new deal but the money was too low, there is a feeling however if more money was offered Carltio will return.

WWE wanted Carlito back as part of the re-packaging they’re doing with Los Matadores that has bee discussed but not finalized yet. Carlito is the brother to Diego and a cousin of Fernando.

Carlito won the unified tag titles with Primo Colon when they formed a team from their last name “The Colons”

Also, the WWE has unveiled their plans for Sting at WM 32:

WWE reportedly had plans for Sting to go up against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 32 next year before he suffered an injury in his match against Seth Rollins at the Night of Champions event on Sunday.

Sting’s future as an in-ring competitor remains largely unknown, and probably will do for some time. WWE tends not to want wrestlers over the age of 50 back in the ring when they suffer injuries.

These plans are now being put on a shelf obviously due to the injury. Sting is 56 years of age and is still in ridiculous shape considering, many thought Sting would capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions because that’s the only major title that has eluded him in his long illustrious professional wrestling career. However the injury may have thwarted those plans as well for the match was shortened after the injury was sustained.

Sting came out in a recent interview and was quoted as saying “The answer to if that was my last match is a bold question mark.”

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