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Will Ronda Rousey be at Wrestlemania 32? Scott Hall Talks Wrestling in ’92


UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was apart of Wrestlemania 31 in Levi’s Stadium where she assisted The Rock in a kayfabe altercation with The Authority. She proceeded to put “The Billion Dollar Princess” Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley in her patented arm-bar submission hold. It was an exciting turn of events where many speculated that Ronda could become a regular on major WWE events.

Ronda also released in an interview that she would be intrigued with becoming a full time wrestler when her time as a mixed martial arts combatant had come to a close. In another interview she stated how she wanted to retire from the WWE in about 2-3 years time.

That being said Rousey has ruled out appearing at at next year’s WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion told a panel during the UFC 193: Full Sydney Fan Q&A:

“I would love to, but I’m going to be in Jakarta filming my movie.”

“If I was really going to be there, would you want to know or would you want to be surprised? I think a real wrestling fan would want to be surprised.”

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Scott Hall spoke recently about the departure of The Ultimate Warrior from the company in the early 90’s and how the role he was playing had to be shifted to compensate the loss of talent.

“I was doing whatever was asked of me,” said Hall of not being put in many world title matches. “I looked at it as being a team player, whatever the team needed me to do on pay-per-view. Whether it was being on first or being on last.

Hall was also asked about some major reshuffling that took place prior to WWE Survivor Series 1992, as significant roster changes prevented the originally scheduled line-up from taking place.

“It was supposed to be Flair and I against Warrior and Savage. Warrior had a history of holding Vince up for money before pay-per-views to get his guarantees, and Vince called his bluff. They had to substitute for Warrior, so they brought Mr. Perfect in,” Hall said.

“I was told prior to the match I was going to break Randy’s leg and retire him. But when you have a substitute, you have to feature the substitute, so I think I got PerfectPlex’d and Flair got PerfectPlex’d.”


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