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UFC Hall of Famer Criticizes Tito, Phil Davis, Mazzagatti, Fedor and The NSAC


UFC Hall of Famer, Frank Trigg (21-9) hasn’t competed in mixed martial arts in 4 years but he has plenty to say about it as noted in his recent interview with Submission Radio. Frank basically broke down the entire Bellator: Dynamite event, controversial MMA referee Steve Mazzagatti and the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s handling over Nick Diaz.

On Tito taking up Liam McGeary’s post fight speech.

“Yeah Tito is an egotistical maniac, you know, and that’s the reason why he tries so hard to be the champ, because it feeds his ego. And that’s the best, the reality of all former huge champions, that he really is – you know, all of us are egotistical. That’s just how it works. So he really wanted to (win the belt), but that’s Tito’s way of going ‘look Liam, I have no excuses, no broken spine, no cracked skulls, no hurt foot, no blown knee. I was the best Tito Ortiz you could possible face right now and you beat me period,’ and that’s just kind of his way of really giving the champ a lot of props. I did think it was a little bit long and I agree with you guys.

“When he started, I was like 100 percent he’s going to retire. I was like ‘oh he’s retiring, he’s retiring,’. So then I was like you guys, like go ahead, take as much time as you want. You know, take your time because you’re going to step out. But he didn’t, and it was just one of those deals where he needed to finish up what he was doing and was sort of trying to make it work as best he could and he went a little bit too long. But you know, Liam took it in stride and went along with it. Liam’s a humble guy himself, so it was very easy for him to go ‘look he’s a legend, let’s just let him talk a little bit and I’ll take it here in a second’.”

On Phil Davis’ attempt at trash talking Liam McGeary post fight.

“I was like, yeah Phil Davis is not a good trash talker. So he went in there and was like “you gotta work harder to keep the belt”. You’re like, well my coach tells me that. That was just dumb. Like it lost – it literally was one of those where you’re watching a game show and it’s like “is it ‘B’ Alex?” And (makes fail noise) Wha-wha-wha. He was way off.”

On whether Fedor will come to the UFC after a short stint in Japan.

“I don’t think it’s gonna happen. He’s gonna end up going over to Bellator I think because Scott had so much help in making this thing happen, with Sakakibara coming back up and getting this program started, and so much more happening with Fedor going and signing with Sakakibara for the one or two fights. I see him definitely jumping over to Bellator right after that, because also let’s not forget, they do need the shot in the arm. They do need the shot in the arm in the heavyweight division to get themselves a little more legitimacy.

“And at Fedor’s age, how much can he really do? Now if you give him a tough fight, a second fight and he wins kind of decisively, he might change his mind and decide to switch over to the UFC. But I don’t see the UFC trying to pay him the money either. I mean do you see the UFC giving him 1.9 million dollars for a heavyweight fighter that basically is going to be put out to pasture? They’ve already got all the footage on him, they already own the footage from the old Pride days. It’s not like they’re going to get anymore footage or it’s going to increase the library at all from the UFC standpoint.

“And how many more ticket sales is he going to sell for already sold-out arenas, when you got guys like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey already selling out. You know, if Conor beats Jose Aldo, Dana already said he’s going to give him the 80,000 seat arena I think in Ireland, the soccer stadium (which is) gonna sell out as well. And Conor’s going to be able to do it, so how is Fedor going to do that? Is Fedor going to sell out huge stadiums in Russia and all of a sudden the UFC is in Russia? I mean that’s the only benefit to have in my line, to have Fedor fight for the UFC is if he’s able to sell a ton more tickets.

“Because the asking price, take-home of 1.9 million dollars, you have to be able to at least double that in ticket sales and T-shirt sales and pay-per-view buys. If you can’t, than what’s the point of paying it? The company’s not going to lose money on him. With Bellator, they will actually get that back in return because they’ll get a lot more viewers for Spike TV here in the States if you wanna watch Bellator.”

On Nick Diaz’s suspension.

“I think it’s ridiculous from this standpoint. It is his third fail. I actually commentated the fight when he fought (Takanori) Gomi and that was his first fail for Pride, and I totally understand that look, it’s your third offense, but what I’m confused by is that the Nevada State Athletic commission came up with a system of certain tiers. Every drug that’s illegal has a certain tier; tier one, tier two, tier three. And in each one within those tiers has a first offense, second offense, third offense. Like, what happens when you get caught for the third time?

“Well my understanding was that the concept they approved was a 36 month suspension and up to 75% of your purse for a third offense of marijuana. Well 36 months is three years. It’s not five years. So where did we come up with these other extra two years? Why are they punishing him even more? It’s like if you go to prison for an offense and the traffic ticket – you know, not prison – but the traffic ticket is up to $400 or $500 dollar fine and two points on your license. The judge can’t go ‘oh I’m gonna give you 12 points. I’m gonna charge you 800 dollars’. They can’t do all that.

“So I don’t know what they’re going to do. I don’t understand how it works out at all. So I’m really confused by it. I understand the reasoning, I understand the final amount of the fine because it’s not 75% of his purse, which is where it should be. What I don’t understand is the reasons why they made it five years instead of three years.”

“If you watch these commission hearings – the other thing that’s kind of strange to me, is now everyone is getting dolled up, is getting made up. Everyone is getting put together to watch these things happen. Like everyone now, if you look at the commission table, the commissioners, they’re all in full make up and the iron-pressed shirts. And before when you go to these things, the guys looked like they just rolled out of bed.

“So now, even the commissioners are getting in on the fact that like ‘hey we’re on TV, we’re making big noise’. So I’m wondering – remember I’m a big conspiracy theorist – I’m wondering ‘hey, did they do this because they wanted to make a point of Nick Diaz because he kept pleading the 5th? Or did they do this because now everyone’s watching them and they want to prove that the Nevada state Athletic Commission is the toughest commission around?”

On Steve Mazzagatti.

“With Steve Mazagatti it kind of seems like he keeps getting away with crap, and it’s really bad. I like Steve as a person, I think he’s a horrible ref. I love him as a fireman, I don’t think he should be a ref anymore. I think it’s bad. He’s going to get somebody hurt, he’s going to get somebody in trouble, and he’s not taking control. The ref has to take control at certain times. When a guy is poking someone else in the eye, he needs to stop and be like ‘hey look, you got poked in the eye, I saw you got poked in the eye, he’s clawing at your face. Can you see? Jake, can you see? Oh ok Jake I’m sorry you said one time that you can’t see? Fights over, Jake wins because he got legitimately poked in the eye’.

“He needed to take control, he didn’t do that. And now the guy seems to get away with that kind of stuff all the time. Same thing happened with Josh Burkman and (Jon) Fitch when they were fighting. He wasn’t paying attention to how that was going, and then Fitch went completely out, was out for a long time, and everyone else could see it from cageside ’cause that’s where I was sitting, but he didn’t get in and stop the fight. So it’s very difficult for Mazzagatti. He needs to go back in and take some more courses and take some more lessons, or learn a little more on how to ref. Because he’s lost his mojo. He’s lost his ability to get in there and step in. He’s human, things happen. He needs a little bit of time to try and revamp and look at things a little bit differently and take another course and then get back into it again and get some more refs.”

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