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Tank Abbott Calls Out Ronda Rousey and Nevada Senator Backs Nick Diaz

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Former UFC Heavyweight Tank Abbott (10-15) (that’s five fights under .500) is 2-9 in his last 11 but and is 50 years of age but numbers and pride don’t always add up. TMZ caught up with the beer gut toting former UFC bad@#$ and here’s what he had to say:

UFC icon Tank Abbott says there’s NO WOMAN on Earth who could beat him in a fight — Ronda Rousey included — because at the end of the day … “She’s a girl.”
Abbott went on a rant explaining why men are simply superior when it comes to combat — saying Ronda would get rolled by Floyd Mayweather … because she’s got “all this emotional stuff” due to being a woman.
That’s when Tank took it a step further on his podcast — saying he would beat ANY woman in a fight … and he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is.
“I will fight any woman on this Earth for free,” Abbott says.
“If I win, which is going to happen — and you’re going to get bashed up good — you have to make me a sandwich. If you win, I’ll give you $100,000.”
Tank says there’s one caveat — “You can’t be a tranny … you gotta be a female. Born a female.”

In stark contrast to Tank’s record, Ronda is 12-0, has finished her last four opponents in a combined 2 minutes and 10 seconds. She also does not tote a beer gut.

Many fans, promoters and fighters alike have all condemned the UFC’s Nick Diaz for his recent 5 year suspension for using marijuana. Nick has always been outspoken for his usage and has even been quoted as saying “Marijuana smoking  doesn’t get in the way of my mixed martial arts, but more of my mixed martial arts gets in the way of my marijuana smoking.” Well now he has a supporter in the form of Tick Segerblom, TMZ again provides the quotes below:

A Nevada state senator is coming out swinging in defense of UFC superstar Nick Diaz — claiming his 5 year ban for weed is a complete load of crap.
TMZ Sports spoke with Senator Tick Segerblom of Senate District 3 — which includes parts of Las Vegas — who says he’s not happy with the punishment doled out by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.
“I think what they did was totally inappropriate,” Tick says … “[marijuana] is a recognized medicine in the Nevada constitution so how can you punish someone for taking medicine, particularly since it doesn’t enhance your ability to fight?”
He added, “They need to rethink this punishment and then ultimately change their rules.”