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PBC on FS1 Results: J-Rock Destroys Cuello in Rd. 1, Flores Stops Cusolito in 12 in War


12 Rounds Super Bantamweight Division:

Luis Cusolito (21-1) vs Moises Flores (23-0)

Rd. 1: Luis comes out aggressive early on, Flores barely lands 3 punches in the opening minute. Cusolito lands a hard right hook to the dome of Moises, both fighters miss wild punches. Moises backs Luis up into a corner momentarily, Moises does it again and eats a left hook. Luis landed more left hooks to end the round.

Rd. 2: Cusolito lands a hard over hand right, and the pair trade for a bit. Luis’s bread and butter is his overhand right, and follows with a hard left hook. Flores fights back with a hard uppercut. They both land uppercuts, Flores then backs Cusolitio up with a 6 punch combo. Luis landed one more over hand right to stagger Flores before the round ended.

Rd. 3: Cusolito opens up viciously with hard hooks, Flores lands an uppercut, then they both land hard hooks and straights. Right uppercut and a left hook combo lands from Flores, then another hard uppercut from Moises and a left hand as well. Cusolito lands a hard right hook but eats 3 uppercuts to close out the round.

Rd. 4: Flores lands a hard straight right, but eats a right hook from Luis, and another. Then Luis lands a straight left, Moises then backs Luis up with left hooks, but Cusolito fights back with right hooks of his own. The pair go toe-to-toe to end the round landing at will on each other.

Rd. 5: Luis with another solid right hook, then two jabs in row he lands, Flores lands a hard left hook to the body, and landed a nice combo to the body again of Cusolito. However as he turned the pressure on so did Luis and wobbled Moises with 2 straight right hooks. They both start missing uppercuts wildly then Luis lands another hard left hook to end the round.

Rd. 6: Moises comes out swinging early and lands a hard left hook to Luis’s chin, then lands a 5 punch combo to Luis on the ropes. All Flores right now, but Luis comes back with a 1-2 and the left eye of Flores begins to swell. Moises digs to Cusolitos body in the corner to end the round.

Rd. 7: Luis comes out head hunting with his right hook cocked but eats a left straight from Moises. Moises presses forward with a body and head combo, then they both trade hooks and Moises lands one more. Flores backs Cusolito up with another combo but eats another right hook. They both land hooks to end the round.

Rd. 8: Luis bops the head of Moises with two straight right hands, then they both land uppercuts to the body of each other. Flores backs Cusolito up with a combo once more, Luis lands a left and a right hook, then eats 3 straight punches from Moises. Luis lands an uppercut to the body then a right hook to the face to end the round.

Rd. 9: The pair come out swinging for the fences and Moises eats a hard overhand right but Flores lands a hard combo to back Luis into the corner. Luis lands a right uppercut to the body and a square left jab to the face but Moises answers with a combo to the body and head of Cusolito. Moises lands a left and right hook to the face of Luis to end the round.

Rd. 10: Moises lands a right hook then a left hook and a right uppercut. The pair swing wildly and get tangled up, Flores then goes back to attack Luis’s body. Luis lands a 3 punch combo but eats two straight right hooks from Moises, then they both miss on timed right uppercuts to end the round.

Rd. 11: They both jump to the center of the ring, Luis lands a combo but is backed into a corner but Flores lands a two right hook combo. Flores lands a chopping left hook, then they both resemble rock-em sock-em robots just landing back and forth. Luis with a hard clubbing right hook but eats a straight right hand. Flores chops Cusolito’s body and backs him up to end the round.

Rd. 12: Luis lands two hard right jabs but eats two hard body uppercuts, Flores then lands four hard left and right hooks to the head of Cusolito and the ref rushes in to stop the fight. No complaints from Luis or his corner.

Moises Flores (24-0) def. Luis Cusolito (21-2) via 12th Round TKO 


10 Rounds Super Welterweight Main Event

Julian Williams (20-0-1) vs Luciano Cuello (35-3)

Rd. 1: Julian lands 3 body hooks, then a combo up top, then lands a hard right hook and more punches to the body. Julian lands two hooks to the body then one to the head, then another and another and another and Cuello has no answer and the ref comes in to stop the bout.


Julian Williams (21-0-1) def. Luciano Cuello (35-4) via KO in Round 1.


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