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Jim Ross Talks Cena vs Undertaker and TNA’s Future Revelaed

Jim Ross

Longtime WWE Announcer Jim Ross took to his page for a Q&A session where he spoke on  Cena vs Rollins, Cena vs Taker, who should be the next champion, scouting and on Sting’s Wrestlemania 31 match.

On wanting Rollins to face Cena in the opening match of Night Of Champions: “If Cena were to win the US Title back in the first match of the night it puts Rollins at a distinct mental disadvantage and gives Sting fans hope before Rollins takes it away. I’d also prefer to close with the WWE Title bout.”

On wanting to see Undertaker vs. John Cena: “This match, if built properly, would be huge biz for WWE. Cena is going to be booed by some no matter what so I’d simply go with the trend.”

On who has the best shot to become the next WWE Champion: between Reigns, Wyatt, Ambrose or Neville: “They all have skills without question but Reigns is at the top of the list IMO. Size, look athletic, etc are all there.”

On WWE scouting top talent: “There are some really good talents working in areas and for companies other than WWE and hopefully they will get their shot at earning bigger money in WWE in their careers as I’d surmise that the vast majority want to do. I’m relatively sure that WWE has their eyes on many of them.”

On if Sting should have won at WrestleMania: “I think Sting’s debut match at Wrestlemania is now a thing of the past and it did not matter if he won or lost. He’s become relevant again which is good. He’s still a viable attraction if not overexposed.”


TNA President Dixie Carter was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard portion and basically answered questions based on the future arrangements between her company and the cable provider for her content, Destination America.

Below are the highlights:

On TNA’s current Destination America status:

“The biggest challenge for us is building a brand in the U.S. That’s where we need to grow. We’re contracted to Destination America through the end of the year, and we are in discussions going on for 2016.”

On TNA’s future:

“TNA will continue exist, and on a level that far exceeds what we’re currently doing. I’m looking ahead five years down the road, not a year down the road.”

On competition with WWE and using ex-WWE talents:

“Besides WWE, we’re the only global promotion in the world. We’re in over 120 countries worldwide and in 19 languages. We made a conscious decision about three years ago to take a step back and focus on young talent. We’ve had some of the biggest names ever on our show. People have given us a hard time about using WWE talent, but after a hot run with us, almost every one of them has worked with WWE again. That is a huge compliment for us.

“I do feel we’ve taken some unfair blows. Competition, no matter who it is, is healthy. It’s absolutely imperative for the industry to grow. There’s a reason that there is a Lowe’s on the corner of every Home Depot, and a Walgreens across from every CVS. It’s important for the industry.”

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