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McGregor Thinks He and Rousey are Equal, Mir Says Current UFC HW Division is Best

("Notorious" Conor McGregor)

It is hard pressed to find any other fighters that are more marketable and create a media frenzy than the UFC’s Conor Mcgregor and Ronda Rousey. Between hyping fights, Carl’s Jr. burgers, Game of War apps, getting new tattoos and accepting Marine Core Ball invitations, Rousey and McGregor are quite similar in popularity. According to MMAFighting.com Conor explained:

“I feel both of us are equal at the top of the game,” said McGregor. “She is a special athlete and I’m happy to be up there with Ronda at the top of the game.”

McGregor admitted Rousey has had a tougher road to stardom than he has, but maybe not for the reasons you’d expect. McGregor believes it’s the flaws in his game that have helped him become such a draw.

“I believe, in the male spectrum, that I’m dominating the game. 100 precent. However, in the female aspect, Ronda is a two-time ESPY winner now. She’s a dominant champion. It’s very hard for her because she is so dominant.

“There’s a lot of questions about me. I am thankful for all the questions being asked about me because that generates interest which in turn generates revenue. Ronda’s just so dominant. She’s slaughtering these women ruthlessly.”

A man that has been around the fight game for over a decade now, but is still a relevant threat in the UFC’s Heavyweight division is Frank Mir. He recently spoke to Fox Sports and shared that he believes the current state of the division is the best of all time.

“I think this era right now is the best it’s ever been,” said Mir. I think in the past we always had top level guys but I think it dwindled off after four or five. Right now there’s guys that are 12th, 13th, 14th, that are great fighters in the heavyweight division. I think the top 10 right now is extremely stacked. And I think it’s the most stacked it’s ever been.”

The former UFC Heavyweight Champion is currently ranked #10 and will face off with another former UFC Heavyweight Champion in Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski at UFC 191. Mir is riding a two fight winning streak with two knockouts coming in under two minutes of the first round against Antonio Silva and Todd Duffee.