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WWE Superstar Luke Harper talks Shield Feud, Ring Attire and More


Luke Harper has once again joined the side of his on screen “brother” or “handler” Bray Wyatt to reform the Wyatt Family stable. He enjoyed about a year long singles run that saw him capture the WWE Intercontinental Championship as the main highlight. His first run with the Wyatt’s saw many feuds along with CM Punk, Kane, Daniel Bryan and most notably their incredible war with the other major faction, The Shield. Harper spoke on all these topics to Chad Dukes on the Chad Dukes Radio Show:

On the Wyatt’s feud with the Shield: “The feeling was electric before we even touched and it was my family looking down the line and I’m looking across at three guys that were on top of the hill, the big dogs, and we knew they need to be knocked down. Since we had come to WWE, the Shield and the Wyatts were always on a path to meet, a path to see who was better, and if you look at the results the Wyatt Family actually came out of those quite well and will do it again in Summer Slam and for as long as the Shield boys want to keep doing it.”

Another major topic of interest was his filthy ring attire consisting of worn down blue jeans, unkempt scraggly beard which is borderline pirate-esque and his bleach lacking faded almost to a brown shade white t-shirt.

On his “dirty” ring gear: “Obviously, I’m not a Neanderthal, I do do laundry, I am a human being. I can just not do laundry. That’s utterly ridiculous. I have several different shirts. I don’t know if that’s going to disappoint anybody out there, but I was I have a very rigorous warmup where I get a good sweat going before a match to prepare for battle. That is what people see, that is what people mistake for dirtiness.”
Which matches of his stand out?

On which matches of his stand out: “The first run or match with The Shield always stands out to me, our matches, our wars. In my singles run I would have to say my ladder match with Dolph Ziggler in Cleveland for the Intercontinental Title was probably a career highlight for me. If throwing that pretty boy through a ladder isn’t fun I don’t know what is.”

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