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WWE Star Strikes Vince McMahon and Finn Balor Not to Fond of Moving Up

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“Don’t Cross the Boss.” is the usual moniker when it comes to WWE Superstars and dealing with the President of the WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon. However what happens when a WWE Superstar hits the boss? Well apparently nothing, as current WWE NXT Champion Sasha Banks admits doing so, albeit accidentally.

WWE NXT Womens Champion Sasha Banks recently made a guest appearance on Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho podcast”, and she recalled accidentally hitting Vince McMahon backstage when they first met.

Banks said she was speaking with her hands to her fellow Team BAD members, and accidentally struck Vince.

“And I was like, ‘oh my God!’ [Vince was] like, ‘are you guys excited [for Team BAD’s debut]? Are you guys ready for this?’,” Banks recalled. Seemed like that was all that was necessary as far as an apology with your boss is concerned, maybe a “Don’t Try This at Your Job.” tag should be added to this article.

Another current NXT Champion has been in the news lately and not concerning his upcoming ladder match against Kevin Owens, Finn Balor has a rare opinion that maybe nobody employed with the WWE would agree with:

Current WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor recently made it known that he doesn’t feel the same as most do on the NXT roster. What happens to most Champions on the NXT roster is they defend their title a couple of times and once they become extremely over with the crowd the are called up to the main roster to begin competing with the “big boys.”

However like stated earlier, Finn has a different view on things according to WNS:

During an interview on the “PodNasty Wrestling Podcast,” Finn Balor revealed that he is in no rush to join WWE’s main roster:

“What we’re doing at NXT right now is groundbreaking. It’s revolutionary. For me, it’s like a Renaissance period in wrestling, and I want to be involved in NXT, I don’t want to go to the quote-unquote main roster, I don’t want to get called up, so to speak, because I believe that we at NXT are building something together that is going to be looked back on in 10 years the same way that we looked back on the ECW period as being revolutionary at that time, and this is something that I want to be involved in.”


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