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ECW Originals Sabu and Stevie Richards Return to WildKat Wrestling


In 1994 a man had a dream, a dream that would turn into a reality, a reality that would turn into a product and the product became the most gruesome, grotesque, violent and electrifying wrestling showcase of all time. The product was Extreme Championship Wrestling and the man was Paul Heyman.

ECW saw and developed such wrestling legends as Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Taz, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, Jerry Lynn, Terry Funk, Axl Rotten, Dawn Marie, Sabu, Stevie Richards and many more.

“The National Wrestling Alliance was old-school when old-school wasn’t hip anymore. We wanted to set our mark, we wanted to breakaway from the pack, we wanted to let the world know that we weren’t just some independent promotion.” Said Paul Heyman in a 1998 interview.

Breakaway they did while introducing the world to the first ever  3-Way Dance, Barbed wire match, Flaming Tables match and Singapore Cane Match. These provided the brand with enough armory  to defeat rivals WCW and WWE in ratings wars in the mid-90’s. However success would be brief when the money ran out and the fan favorite promotion would come to a halt in 2001.

Then another version was put forth later, but the only extreme it would bring viewing audiences would be the mediocrity of the product. No need to fear, for on Saturday August 15th, the dream lives on.


Wildkat Sports will bring back the extreme ideology with an all adult 21 and older only admitted style wrestling showcase that the world hasn’t witnessed since those golden ECW days.

The card will feature the homicidal, genocidal, hardcore, high flying, death delivering and death defying sensational Sabu. The Houdini of Hardcore has won the ECW Championship on two occasions and will surely fly off more chairs than Latin Americans at a Donald Trump speech.

“Now if I can be serious for a moment.”

Also appearing will be the master of the “Stevie Kick” and founder of the Blue World Order the jean shorts wearing wonder, Stevie Richards. Stevie will be taking on the Wildkat turn-coat Socorro, and the 2 time ECW Tag Team Champion and remarkable 21 time WWE Hardcore Champion has a message for Socorro. “I’ll Show You! You’ll See!”

The Whole F’N Show with Huge F’N Arms will be there as well, when the Sweet Talkin’ Street Walkin’ Southern Stomper Luke Hawx returns to action. What will the former Wildkat Heavyweight Champion and PWI Ranked performer have in store for the crowd at Shamrock Bar and Grill on the 15th?

Following a failed audition for the reality show Tough Enough, (even though upon witnessing the show it seems she could mop the floor with the females that did make it.) The Barbie Badazz Katie Forbes will look to release her frustrations on multi-time internet award winning icon Trina Michaels. Hold on to your eyes because they could pop out of your skull for this one.

Then the FBI will enter the Shamrock. Don’t try to clear your record now, it’s not the Federal Bureau of Investigation but former member of the Full Blooded Italians Tracy Smothers will be on hand. Hailing all the way from Nashville…..Italy, Tracy will look to crack his opponent in the eye and make it look like a big pizza pie on the 15th.

Local favorites Buku Dao, Curt Matthews, Steve Anthony, Danny Flamingo and Amaiya Jade will be making their returns along with many surprises to come.

Oh My God!!” – Joey Styles.

Chairs will be smashed, tables will be crashed, kendo sticks will be broke, necks will be camel clutch choked, eyes will be poked, Stevie Kicks will be kicked, Trina and Katie have already made many computer mouses clicked, it’ll be a feast for all eyes as Paul E. Dangerously’s dream is once again realized, it will be violence mixed with charm all brought to you by the man with HUGE F’N ARMS. Saturday August 15th at Shamrock Bar & Grill in New Orleans.

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