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Famed UFC Coach Says CM Punk’s Best Asset is His Striking

(CM Punk, WWE staple turned MMA fighter)

Former longtime WWE Champion CM Punk will make his long awaited and much anticipated mixed martial arts debut closer to the end of the year. One of his coaches is Duke Roufus who is known well in the MMA community and is always buried with inquiries on how the training is going for his very popular pupil. CM Punk (Phillip Brooks) addressed what his coach has been saying about him in a a media week interview:

“Everybody asks Duke, ‘Well, how’s he doing?’ and Duke tells everybody that he thinks my best area right now is striking, believe it or not,” Punk said. “Which is mind-boggling to me. Striking is the one thing that I never did. I’ve hit mitts before. I’ve done boxing and suff like that. But just all the little nuances, with like everything you need to do with your feet, your head, just movement, correct movement. That’s been the most challenging thing aside from wrestling.”

“This is very much about me, this whole journey,” Punk said. “But I’ve got a whole team behind my back and I’m not here to let them down, I’m not here to embarrass them. I want to be able to go in there and get my hand raised and say, ‘You want to train, you just want to lose some weight, you want to be a mixed martial artist? I don’t care, come to Roufusport.’ I want to be able to say that. There’s a lot more than just me finding out something about myself on the line through all this.”

“I don’t think I’d be doing this if I didn’t think I was gonna win my first fight,” Punk said. “My mindset is not, hey I’m gonna do this just to get paid and I expect to lose. That’s definitely not what’s gonna happen.”

“That was the big thing,” Punk said. “When I was on the road, it was like wake up, find out what town you’re in, get some breakfast, find a gym. Now, I have a gym. I sleep in my bed every night. I go to the gym, I do my MMA stuff and if I get any extra time I’m normally running. I find that one, two days a week I’m grabbing weights and that’s really different.”