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Titan FC’s Gutierrez Thinks Johns’s Striking is “Meh”


Tomorrow night will be the biggest showcase from Titan Fighting Championships promotion ever. Live on UFC Fight Pass, Titan will present 4 main event caliber title tilts. One of these contests will be for the TFC Bantamweight Championship.

Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez (6-1) will look to vanquish the newly won strap from the undefeated champion, Brett Johns (9-0). Johns won the bantam crown by defeating Walel Watson on the last Titan card by rear naked choke in round 2.

The title is the second captured in Brett’s young MMA career, his first was The Cage Warriors Fighting Championship title. A title which holds no weight to Sharkbait who is excited for UFC Fight Pass televised bout.

“Super excited about the fight, I know not many fighters get to fight live on Fight Pass, so I can look back on this as progression in my career. It feels really great to fight for the title, it’s a very exciting title to look at. In MMA there’s a ton of saturation with promotions and titles but I feel the Titan FC title actually means something. I’ve won 5 amateur titles but this is my first title fight as a pro. Brett prances around claiming he’s some big champion from Cage Warriors, and that’s only cool because Conor (McGregor) made it cool, but Conor can make anything cool.”

Anthony doesn’t think to highly of Johns’s skill set and believes he has Brett all figured out. Sharkbait thinks of himself as the stiffest competition for Brett to date.

“Brett’s fighting style is meh, I used to give him respect, like he’s well rounded and blah blah blah but I spent an hour yesterday watching his fights and his striking sucks. He’ll strike and then when you think he’s warmed up and is about to kickbox, he shoots. He’s only striking to set up a take down. His BJJ is ok, I’ll say his wrestling is good but in all honesty I don’t think it really is. Physically he’s weak, like his striking and grappling aren’t actually real threats. His confidence is his best attribute.”

“I’m going to be able to show him a higher level of anything he’s ever faced. My pace will make him bust his @#$ for 25 minutes, I’m going to push him.”

Sharkbait believes that he’ll smell blood in the later rounds then quickly changes his prediction.

“I see me finishing Brett Johns in the 4th round. Method to my madness, but he’s going to reach his breaking point in the 4th round. I’ve had visions, I can finish him at anytime. Wait, ya know what? Change that. Second round knockout. I may let him hold me against the cage to get comfy then surprise him in the second.”