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WWE’s Vince McMahon Bans Move Name, Vince Russo Responds to Flair

(WWE CEO Vince McMahon)

Since the banning of current WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s finishing maneuver, The Curb Stomp it seems WWE Owner Vince McMahon is cracking down on the name and/or the uses for certain moves. Another would be one of Sheamus’s moves:

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer is reporting that Vince McMahon may have banned announcers from using term “backbreaker.” The move wasn’t called when Sheamus used his Irish Curse backbreaker on last night’s Raw and if the term isn’t used going forward the call likely come from McMahon not to use it.

The term had been previously banned on WWE television by McMahon.

It’s unknown why it may have been pulled this time round but it may have something to do with WWE’s TV-PG rating or recent injury lawsuits.

Speaking of being pulled from TV, former WCW face of the company, Vince Russo responded to WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair based on his comments. Flair said that the WCW was dead and long gone before Russo’s arrival.

Here’s how Russo responded:

It was only recently that Ric Flair went on that same talk show in the UK and was asked the question, “Did Vince Russo kill WCW.” Truthfully, I had no idea this interview even took place, until somebody told me about it on twitter. When told that I should look at the video and see “what Flair said”—I about threw up in my Taxi wastepaper basket. In my heart, of hearts, I knew, that if the iconic Ric Flair feel into the trap of placing the smoking gun in my hand—whether it was the truth, or not–this would be the final vindication that all my haters needed—to just put me in the hole and throw the dirt on top. In their minds, if FLAIR said it—then it must be true.

So Ric was asked the same question I was–in the same exact studio I was–only a few short months later. In putting in my ear buds I was expecting the worst. In my business you just “assume” that everybody is going to pile on when it is the sheik thing to do. But on this day . . . Ric Flair didn’t buy in. Flair quickly put the kibosh on the interviewers question when he said that WCW was dead “long before Russo got there”, and all he, Russo, was trying to do was “survive” like the rest of us.”