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UFC’s Luke Rockhold has Mixed Opinions on Reebok’s Fight Kit


Reebok unveiled their new “Fight Kit” featuring every fighter in the UFC’s own slightly unique jersey that they will wear when they are to enter the Octagon for a fight. Many fighters went to their Twitter accounts to express their interest or disdain for the showcase. Luke Rockhold chose famed UFC announcer Bruce Buffer’s podcast show “It’s Time” as his outlet to verbalize his views.

Luke even gathered the opinions of current UFC Welterweight and Light Heavyweight Champions as well.

“I spoke with a couple people in New York, friends of mine, Daniel Cormier and Robbie Lawlor. They seem to like the attire,” said Rockhold, as transcribed by David St. Martin for MMAFighting.com. “They say it’s very nice and comfortable. I just saw it this morning and it looked good.”

Rockhold then switched gears to how it may have an effect on the fighters’ entrances and how it could possibly ruin their customization on their identity that sets them apart from others on the roster.

“My worry is the individuality of the sport. Everyone is blending together now. Even with the countries and color variations. Everyone just blends together it seems like and I’m afraid that fighting is going to lose its individuality.”

Luke then went further to say how the change could implicate the fighting product as a whole. How the difference could lose in part of the promotional advantages that the fight sport has over other sports.

“It’s a combat sport. You see boxing and the flamboyant characters that out in their ensembles and big wardrobes and stuff. It’s fun. It’s part of the game. That’s one thing I’m scared it might lose.”

Then the question becomes, how far the changes will go. Rockhold thinks the signature fan favorite entrances will become a figment of the past, even though no official word has been said that those exact changes that Luke mentioned will take place.

“Is it going to be limited? Is Khabib going to able to wear his wig? Tom Lawlor and his walkouts? That’s a huge part. People love these certain walkouts, these characters. That’s going to be no more.

Rockhold will dawn the Reebok attire in his next outing which he says will undoubtedly be for the UFC Middleweight Championship that is currently occupying the waist line of Chris Weidman.


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