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WWE Superstar The Big Show Admits Ring Collapse Was Fake and Does Foley Fear Owens?

(Triple H and Big Show stare down, photo via wwe.com)

WWE veteran Big Show has finally admitted for the first time ever that the ring collapse involving himself and Brock Lesnar on the June 12, 2003 episode’s of WWE’s Smackdown was rigged.

While many fans may have already come to this conclusion, Big Show has been kayfabe about the whole angle over a decade as he explained on last week’s episode of Talk is Jericho..

“We did a spot right before we broke the ring where we’re both down and they shoot a close up of both of us selling. In that time, Ellis (Edwards, WWE Stunt Coordinator) had airbags under the ring. So they had lifted the ring a couple inches. When I’m standing on that top corner, that ring is like standing on marbles. Because it’s moving. Of course now I’ve got my fat ass up in the air, 500 pounds on a not very stable surface. So then the ring broke. You don’t know how the stunt is going to look. It was so perfectly timed the way we did it and Ellis did a great job of setting up. That thing collapsed and everybody they bought it so long,” Show said.

Show said that for years he’s tried to keep the illusion that it was real:

“This is the first time I’ve admitted the truth that that was a rigged angle,” Show explained. “On hundreds of interviews, I have lied right through my teeth and said it’s a shoot. But if you get a chance to suspend people’s reality just for an instant, for a second, it’s good for them”

WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley wrote on his official Facebook page and discussed current NXT Champion Kevin Owens and discussed whether or not he fears him.

“No matter where I was during the course of my career, I always felt comfortable in knowing that my character was unique and that my matches were going to be different than anyone else’s on the card. I really think that if Kevin Owens had been around while I was in my peak that he would have forced me to become a better wrestler – to increase my limited offensive arsenal, and to step up the cardio to keep up with his faster pace. I appreciate that so many people miss me on their TV sets each week, but I’m not really gone. Kevin Owens is a faster, stronger, more aggressive version of me who you can see each week on WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown.

So does Foley fear Owens? In a way. I’m afraid that when wrestling’s history book is written and the topic of top wrestlers with unorthodox body types is discussed, that my name will no longer be first on the list!”



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