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Jose Aldo, UFC Made the Right Call in Postponing Megafight with Conor McGregor

(Jose Aldo (left) and Chad Mendes (right), photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Whomever made the call, good job. Jose Aldo should not fight Conor McGregor at UFC 189, no matter how big of a payday it would have been for everyone involved.

The UFC’s Dana White announced today that Aldo is out and Chad Mendes will take his place. Aldo was rumored to be considering fighting because of the massive payday.

The UFC is 100 percent behind McGregor as the next big star in MMA. His fight with Aldo was the most promoted fight in UFC history.

It would have set a bad precedent for Aldo to fight. No fighter should step into the cage for the promise of a payday if they are injured.

If McGregor won the fight, everyone would have said the fight was tainted. If Aldo would have won, he would have been able to say that he won even with broken ribs.

The best situation prevailed. Aldo can defend his title later in the year. McGregor will likely beat Mendes. The two will fight for the undisputed featherweight title. The match will be as big as ever.

Now if Mendes wins, that’s a different story. There’s less marquee value in a fight between Mendes and Aldo than McGregor and Aldo. But that’s sports. Anything can happen.

UFC made the right call by not forcing Aldo to go forward.

The biggest match in a long time will still happen one day, and probably be just as good, and lucrative.