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5 Reasons Dolph Ziggler Will Stay In The WWE

Photo courtesy Dolph Ziggler WWE Facebook page.

There’s no way Dolph Ziggler is going to leave the WWE for TNA.

That would by like giving up your porsche that needs new tires for a Kia that needs new tires, a new engine and paint job.

It’s just not going to happen. Ziggler may be frustrated with the WWE, but he’s smart enough to know that right now, there’s only one game in town. Here are 5 reasons Dolph Ziggler will remain in the WWE:

5. TNA’s Future Is In Doubt

No one even knows if TNA will be on television after September. With reports that Destination America canceled TNA, it’s not a good move to jump ship to the No. 3 wrestling company in the world.

4. He’s Popular in the WWE

No, Ziggler is not the focal point of storylines. Nor is he going to headline WrestleMania next year. That’s OK. Fans love him. He’s popular without a push, which is rare. He’s not Daniel Bryan, largely because he doesn’t have a catch-phrase. He also tends to oversell to the point of unbelievability. But the fans know he’s a good worker. He’s respected.

3. It’s a Step Backwards

No matter how you look at it, Ziggler would be taking a huge step backwards by joining TNA. He’s a former WWE world champion. He’s enjoyed a great career in the WWE. If he jumps to TNA he will look like a failure going to the No. 3 company in the world. TNA, at this point, is not on the rise. It meant more a long time ago when guys like Christian, Ken Kennedy and Kurt Angle jumped to TNA. Unless John Cena jumps, it doesn’t really matter.

2. No More Lana

Yes, it’s a storyline, but why would he give up on-screen smooches with the WWE’s No. 2 Diva?

1. Good Things Ahead

Ziggler has a bright future ahead of him. WWE likes guys who toil for years and show their resiliency. WWE likes loyal wrestlers. Ziggler has endured and the WWE will likely reward him with a good angle or series of matches with someone. If they know that he entertained offers from TNA, but stayed, he will get a push and maybe even a singles title run again.