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Brock Lesnar Breaks Jamie Noble’s Ribs — For Real

Photo courtesy WWE.com

Brock Lesnar’s big appeal is that he works stiff. He’s a former UFC heavyweight champion and is known for his real-fight aura and stiff punches, slams and suplexes.

But sometimes that style comes with consequences. Just ask Jamie Noble.

Lesnar broke three of Noble’s ribs in a stiff move on Raw. Lesnar drove Noble through the barricade between the ring and the fans, driving his shoulder into Noble, crushing him.

The camera angle picked up Noble’s face — screaming in pain — as Lesnar jammed him. We never saw Noble again on the broadcast. Noble was supposed to rally back and join Joey Mercury, Kane and Seth Rollins in a beat-down on Lesnar, but instead Noble was stretchered out because he couldn’t breathe.

Watch the aftermath here:

Sometimes these things happen in the WWE ring. Lesnar works hard and he’s not used to wrestling a small guy like Noble. No word on when Noble will be back, but it’s a good reminder that that they don’t call Brock Lesnar “The Beast” for nothing.