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WWE’s Dolph Ziggler May Leave Company and NFL’s Ray Lewis Was Supposed to Wrestle?

(Dolph Ziggler)

Former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler’s WWE contract is set to expire in a soon and a few sources are saying he may leave the company including former WWE writer Court Bauer who believes Ziggler could leave in a similar manner to John Morrison, who now works as Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground. Mundo has seen many main event lights in Lucha Underground and on the last episode he narrowly lost an Iron Man match 5-4 to current Lucha Champion Prince Puma.

Bauer said on MLW Radio regarding the future of Ziggler: “Dolph’s deal is up in a few months and he has indicated informally that unless he gets a big push, he may leave like Mundo.”

While Dolph may leave, The Rock indicated that there was a time when his former college football teammates were going to join him in the WWE.

The Rock revealed during an interview on the The Dan Patrick Show that Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens almost came to WWE to team with himself for a match at WrestleMania during the Attitude Era.

The subject matter was raised when The Rock was discussing playing college football with Ray Lewis and Warren Sapp:

“Both of them have, you know, they’ve got big personalities. Both of those guy would’ve done a great job. There was a time when … WWE was at its height during a certain era, what we call now The Attitude Era, when I was there, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and guys like that. There was a time where we were actually recruiting both those guys to come in and have a big match, and we’d gotten very close with having a big match, bringing in Ray Lewis. And we were gonna have a big tag team match with myself, Ray Lewis, as tag team partners against whoever the top heels were at the time, probably Triple H, I think, and somebody else? And it was gonna be a big WrestleMania match but we could never … it had nothing to do with the creative, just more-so scheduling, but we were very, very excited, so we came very close to that. But both those guys would’ve done great in the ring. And just really, really exceptional athletes.”

The WWE is no stranger to bringing in NFL talent to WrestleMania as they did at WM 11 as Former New York Giants Linebacker Lawrence Taylor took on Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event.