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5 Reasons The Kimbo Slice-Ken Shamrock Fight Was NOT Fixed

Photo courtesy Ken Shamrock Facebook page

Joe Rogan is wrong. The Kimbo Slice-Ken Shamrock Bellator fight was not fixed. He’s insulting the sport by suggesting that Shamrock took a dive.

Here are 5 reasons the Kimbo-Slice match was not fixed.

5. Kimbo Has No Takedown Defense
One of the arguments for the fight being fixed is that Shamrock took Slice down very easily. So what. Let’s remember, Slice was a street fighter. Even with his UFC training, Slice isn’t hard to take down if you are a professional MMA fighter.

4. Bellator Wouldn’t Risk A Staged Fight
Bellator is a multimillion-dollar company owned by Viacom. Scott Coker is a respected MMA promoter. He’s looking to compete with the UFC and staging a fight between two fighters well past their primes is hardly a risk Coker would take. Bellator has a lot of momentum. You might question his reasoning for booking the fight in the first place, but he wouldn’t allow a staged fight under his watch.

3. Kimbo Slice Was At Least 35 Pounds Heavier Than Shamrock
Slice broke out of Shamrock’s choke. No kidding. He was way heavier than him. Shamrock didn’t even make the heavyweight cut-off limit. The fight had to take place as a catchweight. When you have guys fighting with huge weight differences, you can expect one guy to over-power another guy.

2. Ken Shamrock Is 51 Years Old
Hey Joe Rogan, Shamrock is old, too old to be fighting. He was too old when he fought Rich Franklin and was knocked out 10 years ago. Shamrock can’t take a punch anymore. He’s also slow and lacking scramble defense. He almost tapped Slice out, but he just wasn’t strong enough to get the best position to apply the choke accurately. That’s what happens when you are 51. It’s what happens when you are 41.

1. You Can’t Fake Kimbo’s Big Right Hand
Slice knocked Shamrock out with the kind of big right hand that brought him fame as a You Tube street fighter. It was a solid show that would have knocked out many fighters. Shamrock was cut from the blow. It’s amazing he took the shot as well as he did. The fight ended in exactly the way most people thought it would. The fight wasn’t fixed. Joe Rogan shouldn’t insult the fans, the fighters and the competition by pretending it was a sham.

The only sham was that the fight was booked to happen in the first place.

  • Vinny Torrelli

    he choked out bas rutten with the same technique a long time ago, obviously not the best technique but one that can work

  • JayJ

    The points in this article skirt the issue that 40 seconds of a rear-naked choke and not having the other guy tap is ridiculous. Kimbo wasn't even pulling Ken's arm away for a decent chunk of that time. Ken's position was absolutely perfect and Kimbo didn't tuck in chin or in anyway affect how Ken's arms were positioned. If you squeeze off the carotid arteries, a man goes to sleep almost instantly. If the choke is being resisted, the blade of the forearm can be used to block off the windpipe and the guy has to at least twist into crook of the bicep or go to sleep. At age 51 or 81, the amount of pressure on the arteries or windpipe is way less than the strength required for Shamrock to hold Kimbo in that position for that long. The fight was fixed.

  • Omar Hisenberg

    The most likely theory is Bellator had nothing to do with it, and the dive was worked out between Kimbo's people and Ken himself. If they paid Seth Petruzelli to stand with Kimbo as a replacement for this fight, then it stands to reason they'd have paid Ken then too. If they paid him then, they paid him now most likely.