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Joe Rogan Believes Kimbo vs Shamrock Was Staged


This past Friday night on Bellator 138 a legend in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts took on a professional boxer and internet sensation. Ken Shamrock faced off with Kevin Ferguson (Kimbo Slice) in a bout that was roughly 6 years in the making. What transpired resembled that of a fight between two elderly gentlemen in a bar.

The fight began slow with the pair exchanging light blows then they clinched each other in the middle of the cage for an awkward period of time. Shamrock landed one of the laziest take-downs I’ve ever witnessed then transitioned to take the back of Slice in what looked like the beginning of the end. Ken sank in a rear naked choke and it looked as though that the submission specialist and self proclaimed “World’s Most Dangerous Man” was going to treat the Missouri crowd to a nostalgic performance.

However that’s not what happened, in what seemed like the easiest escape ever, Kimbo returned to his feet and Ken followed. Shamrock circled for a bit and the pair boxed. However the pro boxer Kevin is 7-0 with 6 knockouts as a boxer and easily knocked out Shamrock shortly after.

The fight was far from worth the build up or the wait. Some even proclaimed that fight was staged, one of the main advocates for this was UFC ring announcer Joe Rogan who shared his thoughts on his podcast:

“That fight looked fake as f—,” said Rogan. “There’s a couple of things I don’t like about it. I don’t like that long clinch where they were mouth to ear … When Ken did take him down, he never hit him once. How about that? He had him down, he had him flattened out, he’s not blasting him with punches. He’s got him flattened out, he’s not hitting him, that doesn’t make any sense.

“To me it looked – the whole thing – the entrance looked suspect. He was shaking everybody’s hand. It didn’t look like he was about to go fight, it looked like he was about to put on a performance.”

“The way Kimbo stopped Shamrock, that was real as f—. He definitely cracked him. So maybe they made an agreement and Kimbo said ‘I’m going to punch this motherf—er anyway.’

“He choked him but he had it on top of his head in some weird way … It was disturbing to me how easy it was to shuck Ken off his back. There was a lot of s— I didn’t like about it.”