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Kimbo Slice KO’s Ken Shamrock: What Kimbo Should Have Said In His Post-Fight Interview


Kimbo Slice did what everyone expected Friday night. He knocked out 51-year-old Ken Shamrock.

Slice seemed very excited by knocking out a man 10 years older than him. He and Shamrock notably disliked each other heading into the fight. When it was all said and done, it was Shamrock who extended his hand to Slice to offer reconciliation.

Slice, in his post fight-interview, didn’t thank Shamrock at all. He didn’t even mention him.

In the spirit of the art of the professional wrestling promo, here’s what Slice should have said, to show some class and further enhance his popularity.

“First and foremost, I want to thank Ken Shamrock, a true MMA legend and pioneer. I know I talked a lot before this fight, but the truth is I have nothing but respect for Shamrock and his contributions to this sport. I was fortunate enough to fight him tonight and be victorious. He has the heart of a warrior and I wish him nothing but success with whatever he does next.

“As for myself, I am going to fight hard like I always do. And for the haters who don’t respect me, that’s fine with me. I am Kimbo Slice and you tell me Bellator, who’s next?”