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UFC’s Mark Hunt Claims He’s Seen a Demon

(Mark Hunt)

Top UFC Heavyweight Mark Hunt (10-10) was recently interviewed by Submission radio and while a variety of topics were discussed, one of the main things has to be his story of him seeing a Demon…

On a crazy story from his book where Mark Hunt saw a “Demon” or “Grim Reaper-like” creature.

“I’ve had a pretty checkered past, you know as a kid, as a troubled kid. I can share one story with you. My Dad, he was in the hospital. My mum had like seven strokes at the time, and she’s had about 11 now I think, but she was in a wheelchair, my Dad was dying of cancer. He was all…he was like the Cadbury man. He had really white hair, but he was all like brown and yellow in his face. So he was dying, and you know I walked my Mum in to see him in the hospital and I walked in there to see my Dad and there was like a crazy-ass smell in the room. It was like ashes. And then as I faced my Mum, I faced my old man looking at him. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw this really crazy, this huge like 20 feet tall [thing]. I don’t even know what it was. I didn’t look at it, it was in my peripheral vision. So I saw the thing from the side and my mind goes “what the hell is that thing?” And it was huge, like 20 feet  tall and it was hooded and it was holding something. And the feeling that I got from it the thing, I was like “wow that thing’s crazy. That thing there is certainly here to collect this guy right here in front of me”. And I’ll never forget that. I think I’ve seen that thing about three or four times in my life. So when I said to myself “that thing’s evil, It’s bad, it’s not good”. And if I looked at it I’ll be dead too, just like this guy is gonna be dead.”

“That’s not a story, that’s just real.”

“I think it was a Grim Reaper. I think it was the Devil. It was 20 feet tall and I thought…my mind goes “do not…” and I got tingles, like I got tingles telling you now. It’s like, “don’t look at that thing, that thing will kill you”. And I felt like the power emanating from that thing is just ridiculous. And if it opened its mouth, the whole place is gonna fall over. It was just….you know like I said, I’ve seen that thing four times. I thought to myself “if that thing’s real, then God must be real”. So that’s something. I don’t like seeing that thing, but I’m lucky I haven’t seen it lately. It’s kind of crazy.”

On how the face is feeling, if Mark’s fully recovered.

“Well I’m back to modeling of course. You know I’m always – Calvin Klein rang me up the other day, I did that, then I went back to face modelling, (laughs) nah. It wasn’t a good night in the office. I made a couple of mistakes that night and I wasted a whole camp. I wasted my whole camp and I can’t apologise enough to my team and all the guys that were with me. You know because I shouldn’t even have to cut weight for these things, and the problem is I had a bad weight cut and I didn’t carb up enough. And for all those fighters listening, don’t ever drink a lot to drink after weighing in. You know because I never had any pasta or anything the night before, so I was running on vitamin D. But I didn’t really realize until I actually had the first 30 seconds of fighting with Stipe [Miocic], then I realised “wow you’ve got nothing”. And then then the rest of the fight ended up me getting a hiding (laughs). So that’s what happened.”

“You gotta remember, that’s my fourth weight cut. Come on.”

“I normally sit around close to 140 [kgs/ 208 lbs)] on my off time. So right now I’m trying to bring my fat arse back to 110-115 so I can actually compete with these guys. That wasn’t a good night in my office, that wasn’t even a fight. That was me getting a hiding. And so I don’t want to do that ever again, otherwise why am I even competing? I might as well just hang it up. But I do apologize. I can’t apologize enough to my team that I’ve wasted all their time. It was like 12 weeks of wasting time. And what I mean by that; because I went into the fight, you know the way I did feel like I was doing okay in the rounds after eight 5 minute rounds in sparring with three guys. But the last bit of the fine tuning didn’t work out because I didn’t have any crabs the night before. Troubled waters before the fight. So you know, four rounds, five rounds of getting a beat down is not really good.”

On what Mark means by not having any carbohydrates before his fight.

“Well I thought I did. I had dinner after cutting the weight. I was drinking a lot of drinks and my mind was saying “you’re not hungry so you must be content”. And my trainer did say “Mark, have some pasta before you go to bed, blah, blah, blah” but I ended up not feeling hungry and I was fine. And I made a freakin silly mistake, and that’s what happens. But you know, my features, I’m all good.”

“A lot of people have said “I think it’s time to hang it up”. Well I don’t think it’s the same thing, because I love what I do and that was just a bad error I made. And you can’t really make these errors, especially when you’re fighting at the top, because they’ll fix you up, just like I got fixed up (laughs).

On if it was devastating for Mark to lose a potential title shot for the UFC title at UFC 193.

“Well, no. The fact is, I’ve never lost back at home. I never lost a [MMA] fight [in Australia] and I wanted to keep that record standing, and I never lost a rematch ever. That’s another thing I want to keep standing. But it wasn’t the fact that I didn’t get a title shot, it’s that I wasted everyone’s time with it that by making a couple of little errors. And the guys are too good at the top end to try and make those errors. And I thought I could hang in in the fight, even though I was getting beaten down. I thought “look man, I need to get a good couple of shots”, but it just got worse and worse, and my hole got bigger and bigger, and I was like man…anyway. It wasn’t good for anyone to watch, especially not actually being a real fight. It was like a one-sided beating all the way through.”

“People were feeling pity for me and I’m like “don’t feel pity for me. I feel really blessed as a fighter  to be competing at the top end. I mean you know what they’re saying, they’re feeling sorry for me. Well don’t feel sorry for me because I love what I’m doing. I might not love that night, but like I said, I’m not a nine to five person, and yeah I always feel blessed that [I can] still be competing with the top guys at my age.”

Seeing as Mark Hunt has never lost a rematch if he’d be interested in a rematch with Alistair Overeem next.

“Look man, I’ll rematch anyone. I mean I still….like I said, I feel like I’m the best fighter in the world. I mean everyone goes through a couple of losses. I’ll rematch anyone and I’ll fight with anybody, anytime. It just depends on what’s happening with how UFC see me and their offer. So we’ll see how it goes and who it is for the next fight. Like I said, I will fight with anybody.”

“I will dance with anybody. I like doing the tango and waltz, the waltz especially.”

On if it’s still a goal to fight on the Melbourne card.

“Of course I’d love to fight on the Melbourne card. I don’t have anybody in mind. I don’t deserve the headliner because I got beaten down and stuff, but I do. I feel like I should be on the card somewhere, and I’ll be looking to come back stronger than ever and I’ll be getting ready to battle.”

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