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UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman “I Want to be the Greatest of All Time”

(Chris Weidman celebrates victory over Anderson Silva at UFC 162)

UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman (12-0) will look to remain undefeated in the co-main event of this weekend’s UFC 187 when he defends his strap against Vitor Belfort, however his goal in the sport goes way past this fight.

“I’m here to hold the belt, I’m here to create a legacy for myself and become the greatest of all-time,” Weidman told MMAjunkie. “I’m here to retire undefeated. I have goals and no one is stopping them. People are starting to catch on and if you haven’t caught on yet you will on Saturday.”

Weidman is almost a 7-1 favorite going into Saturday, a number which took Chris back a bit.

“I didn’t know I was (that big of a favorite); I’m not very surprised,” Weidman said. “I think people are starting to get it. You might not see it on Twitter, but I think people know, ‘Weidman is a different animal.’ The belt is staying here. There’s too much on the line and I have my goals. Giving up the belt to Brazil is not one of those things.”

Weidman then commented on Vitor’s career. He provided some highly opinionated answers:

“If you watch Vitor’s fights throughout his career, there’s some fights that he’s jacked out of his mind for, and then there’s some fights he’s not that jacked for,” Weidman said. “Some of the better fights he’s has in his career he wasn’t the most jacked guy. I don’t know if he was off his cycle or what it was, or not eating the horsemeat or not lifting as much weights, but there’s times where he was a lot slimmer and looked good. I’m expecting a guy who is maybe not going to have as much cardio problems and who is more free to do what he feels and what his instincts tell him to do.”

With this bout, Chris will have a record that includes fighting 50% Brazilians. However he believes he will blow away one more.

“It’s relieving to finally have this fight; I want to get past Vitor and move on with my career,” Weidman said. “I’m not tired of the Brazilians. I’m not tired of fighting Brazilian fighters because they’re some of the best fighters in the history of the middleweight division. I’m happy to be part of it. I’m expecting a tough guy coming after me, but there’s no way I’m not leaving without the belt,” Weidman said. “There’s no way I’m not completely dominating the fight and putting a stamp on this division and letting everybody know that I’m the king of this division.”