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UFC’s Travis Browne to Arlovski “You’re My Hero”


Normally before a bout you’ll read how opponents say things like “He runs his mouth too much and this Saturday night, Im going to shut it.” or “There has been bad blood between us ever since we were at (insert popular coach’s name here) camp.” or the simply put: “I’m going to kick his @#$.” None is the case when it comes to pre-fight interviews to Travis Browne (17-2-1) when addressing his upcoming UFC 187 bout with Andrei Arlovski (23-10-1).

“I’ve shared blood, sweat and tears with that guy,” said Browne to Dave Doyle for MMAFighting.com, who cornered Arlovski in the March 2013 bout. “When he fought Anthony Johnson, in between rounds, I went over and picked his tooth up off the mat because he broke his jaw. you know what I mean? I was literally in his corner screaming for him. When you’re that close with somebody, you’re sharing a piece of that person. That’s him as a warrior.”

Browne was a addressing a hard fought 3 round decision loss that Andrei suffered at WSOF 2. The man he lost to is the man fighting in the main event Saturday night at UFC 187, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Since that fight Andrei has won four straight going into the contest with Travis.

“He’s a warrior through and through, man. You should have seen his jaw in that fight. It was shoved back in the back of his throat. And he fought for two rounds like that, and won the last round. It’s like, holy s—, that guy’s a warrior. I saw him in the back afterwards, and I’m like ‘you’re my hero right now. You’re my f—— hero.’

“Whether you’re my friend or my enemy, I’m going out there to do my job. That’s something Andrei and I were talking about when he was living in my house. Before he signed with the UFC, I said, ‘we may as well make some money doing what we’re doing in the gym, you know?’ He said, ‘okay, only for the title or big money.’ I said, ‘either way, it doesn’t matter to me. we’re punching each other in the face anyway.’ So let’s go out there and put on a show.'”

In Travis’s last bout he dismantled former football player and TUF veteran, Brendan Schaub via TKO at 4:50 of the first round at UFC 181.