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RFA def. Legacy, Bronzoulis and Pantoja Win Titles, Sanders Retains


Starting off the televised portion of the cross-promotional super-card RFA and Legacy went head to head right out of the gate.

170 lbs RFA’s Bojan Velickovic (10-3) vs Legacy’s Charles Byrd (7-3)

Rd. 1 Byrd got his jab off very well but Bojan would answer with clinches along the side of the cage. Velickovic and Byrd engaged in a dirty boxing showcase, the pair separated and Charles landed a hard right that floored Bojan and Byrd pounced with punches over the top. Velickovic regained his footing and immediately took Byrd down. Charles got out only to be taken down again and the round ended.

Rd. 2 Bojan went back to his safe zone of the take down, but when Charles could he’d get to his feet and show off his kickboxing skills. However he had no answer for Velickovic’s take downs, however the take downs were more of quantity over quality as Byrd would escape almost as fast. Bojan took Charles down once more and started working for submissions, first a head/arm choke then a kimura but to no avail as Byrd got to his feet again. Velickovic took Charles down another time before the round ended.

Rd. 3 Bojan came out and clinched Charles immediately on the cage so he couldn’t get any kickboxing started. Byrd tried a standing guillotine but Bojan snuck out and a replay of round 1 and 2 is played out as Velickovic kept getting take down after take down and Byrd kept fighting his way up and finally Charles got a take down. However Bojan reversed position and gained side control before the final bell sounded.

Bojan Velickovic (11-3) def. Charles Byrd (7-4) via UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

125 lbs RFA’s Kevin Gray (4-1) vs Legacy’s Brian Hall (8-2)

Rd. 1 Gray got a super fast flyweight take down as soon as the bell to start round 1 sounded. Hall reversed position and took Gray’s back quickly and tried for a rear naked choke but Gray scrambled to his feet. Kevin shot in for another quick take down but Brian sunk a deep and nasty guillotine and left no room for escape and Gray was forced to tap.

Brian Hall (9-2) def. Kevin Gray (4-2) via Guillotine at 1:59 of Round 1

155 lbs RFA’s Adam Townsend (12-3) vs Legacy’s Yuri Villefort (6-4)

Rd. 1 Adam ate a hard uppercut before he pushed Yuri up against the cage.  Villefort created separation and landed a triple jab before a leg kick from Townsend dropped him momentarily. Adam landed hard hooks and another effective leg kick but ate another jab from Yuri. Townsend forced Villefort to the cage and Yuri was able to secure a partial takedown before he was forced to the cage again.

Rd. 2 Yuri ate an immediate hard right body hook and kick before Adam clinched him on the cage again. Townsend then opened up with a barrage of uppercuts before he took Yuri down. Once on the mat Villefort tried for a guillotine choke but Adam squeaks out and lands hard body shots with Yuri’s back to the cage. Adam gets another take down and again Yuri went for a guillotine, and the pair regain their footing. They start to exchange hard jabs and kicks where Adam gets the advantage and he lands a hard knee to Yuri’s face. Yuri answers and the round ended.

Rd. 3 They both come out swinging and Yuri gets some hard jabs through but ate a left to the head and a harder shot to his body. Adam then landed a hard left hook, then a flying knee connected followed by a take down. Townsend invited Villefort to his feet and Yuri went for a standing guillotine but to no avail. The pair make their way to the center of the cage and begin exchanging again and Adam landed a hard right hook that wobbled Yuri and Adam pounced and almost finished the fight but the round and fight ended.

Adam Townsend (13-3) def. Yuri Villefort (6-5) via UD (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

155 lb Legacy FC Lightweight Championship: Mike Bronzoulis (17-8-1) vs Dave Burrow (13-5)

Rd. 1 The pair exchanged shots early and Mike landed a hard right but Burrow subdued Bronzoulis on the cage and took his back standing. Dave took Mike down and entered his guard, Burrow transitioned to take the back of Mike once more and tried an arm-bar. Bronzoulis escaped only to be taken down by Dave again. Burrow gained Mike’s back for a third time in the round but yet again Bronzoulis escaped and this time Mike made Dave pay on his feet and landed crucial blows. The crowd is pro-Burrow and Dave has made a small cut under Mike’s eye.

Rd. 2 Mike landed a hard jab after Dave missed a high kick, then Mike followed with a leg kick before he was taken down. Burrow gains the back once more and Mike gets out again, the pair try to exchange but miss wildly with looping shots. Dave landed two leg kicks but Mike answered with two of his own, then Bronzoulis landed a hard knee to the body that buckled Burrow and dropped him. Mike pounced and landed shots but then invited Dave to his feet. Mike landed hard hooks and a kick to the body of Burrow and the round ended.

Rd. 3 Dave landed some hard hooks but Mike answered with a leg kick but was taken down again. Mike reversed position to gain top control, he then rained down hard punches to the body and head of Dave. Then he focused his attack to the body of Burrow and landed some wicked elbows. Mike stood up and landed a hard right over the top and Dave took Mike’s back standing up, then takes Mike down and tried for an arm-bar. Mike stood up only to be taken down again and have his back taken by Burrow right as the round ended.

Rd. 4 The pair circle around each other for a bit and Burrow landed a flying knee and ate a leg kick. Dave landed an uppercut but Mike answered with a combination of jabs to the face followed by a knee to the body. Dave pushed Mike on the cage where Bronzoulis landed a hard body kick but gets momentarily wobbled by a hard left hook but regained focus to land a spinning back fist to close the round out.

Rd. 5 Mike actually came out and scored a take down, but Dave got up and landed a take down again of his own. Dave got the back of Mike again but then they both stood up. Mike got Dave to the ground and landed hard shots before taking Dave’s back where he landed elbows and fists until the round and the fight ended.

Mike Bronzoulis (18-8-1) def. Dave Burrow (13-6) via UD (48-47, 49-46, 49-46)

135 lb RFA Bantamweight Championship: Terrion Ware (13-3) vs Luke Sanders (9-0)

Rd. 1 Luke landed 3 straight leg kicks and followed with a body kick, and Ware answered with a body kick of his own. Luke threw a left-right combo and more leg kicks, then a hard right hook ending with a knee to the body. Another kick to the body wobbled Terrion and Luke poured on more hard punches and dropped Ware with another body kick. Ware can’t seem to find answers to the striking of Luke early on. Terrion lands a combo but eats another hard knee to the body before he landed a good right hook. Luke answered with a hard slam and when Ware got up Sanders landed another hard body kick to close out the round.

Rd. 2 Luke opened up with 2 leg kicks, a flying knee to the body combined with a kick to the body to make Ware wince. Terrion answered with a body kick and an uppercut then Luke returned with a hard combo and the pair exchanged knees to the body. Ware landed a leg kick but ate yet another body kick, and Luke landed a hard body kick but ate a wicked knee and an uppercut from Ware to end round 2.

Rd. 3 Ware opened the round with a right hook and Luke pressed Terrion against the cage and unloaded some hard knees to the body of Ware. Terrion lands a hard back elbow to the face of Sanders and Luke combats back with another hard body kick and unloaded punches to the face of Ware whose left eye started to close badly as round 3 ended.

Rd. 4 Luke got an early take down and landed some hard shots on the ground before he took the back of Ware. They both make it back to their feet though and Sanders landed some knees tot he face and pressed Terrion along the cage but Ware answered with a strong body hook. Luke unloaded more combos to the face and always capped them off with a knee to the body of Ware. The pair exchange more knees to the body and Luke lands another hard right hand as Terrion’s eye is getting worse as the round comes to a close.

Rd. 5 Luke landed hard combos all over but Terrion came on hard right back with 3 right hands to the body, a kick to the body followed by a right hook to the head. Luke pushed forward with a right hook to the head and a knee to the body as Ware answered again with a left hook over the top. Sanders landed a hard knee to the face and they exchanged hard shots in the center of the cage to end the 5th and final round.

Luke Sanders (10-0) def. Terrion Ware (13-4) via UD (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

125 lb AXS TV Superfight Championship: RFA Flyweight Champion Alexandre Pantoja (15-2) vs Legacy Flyweight Champion Damacio Page (19-9)

Rd. 1 Alexandre connected quickly with a kick to the body and a hard left hook to Damacio’s dome. Page answered with leg kicks until Alexandre pushed him toward the cage. Damacio unloaded a hard left hook then dropped Pantoja with an uppercut but Alexandre got right back up and ate a knee to the head but landed a left hook and a leg kick. Damacio rocked Alexandre with a hard left hook then took him down and landed hard shots on the ground until the round was over.

Rd. 2 Pantoja landed a hard kick to the body but is taken down quickly after. Pantoja tried an arm-bar from the bottom but failed and Damacio unleashed some heavy ground and pound. Damacio keeps on the attack for a good two minutes and goes left-right, left-right and body-body-head. Then Page worked in some hard scar-tissue yielding elbows and more punches. Then 5 seconds before the round is to end, a battered Pantoja threw up a Hail Mary triangle choke and Page seemed fine. That was until the round ended and the hold was released and Damacio was unconscious on the mat.

Alexandre Pantoja (16-2) def. Damacio Page (19-10) via Technical Submission via Triangle Choke at 5:00 of Rd. 2

RFA def. Legacy 3 Fights to 1