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Glory 21: San Diego Live Results: Levin and Marcus Fight to Majority Draw

(Artem Levin, photo courtesy of Gloryworldseries.com)

Glory 21 takes place live in San Diego from the Valley View Casino Center. Artem Levin puts his middleweight title on the line against Rival Simon Marcus in the night’s main event.

Glory Superfight Series

MW: Mike Lemaire def. Casey Greene via unanimous decision (29-28 X3).

Lemaire was able to score extremely effectively in the first two rounds of this bout. Lemaire tried to rebound with an aggressive onslaught at the start of the second, but Lemaire was able to outstrike Greene and do the most damage with counter hook combinations. Lemaire took the third round with a better gas tank and had the better of Lemaire with a heavy emphasis on body kicks and jabs. Lemaire takes the decision victory in front of his home crowd in San Diego.

159 lb. Catchweight: Giga Chikadze def. Ken Tran via R3 TKO (Liver Kick)

Simply put, keep your eye on Gig Chikadze. he commanded the first two rounds with an equal amount of technical prowess and special flair. Showing a great variety of axe kicks, head kicks, body kicks and leg kicks, Chikadze was a commanding fighter. Tran was able to begin working from the outside with inside leg kicks in the second round but there was no doubt that Chikadze was far ahead in significant strikes. He scored a hard liver kick to get the knockdown on Tran in the third. After the 8-count, Chikadze threw a left head kick to a left body kick for the TKO.

HW: Maurice Greene def. Ashley Epps via R1 TKO (Left Hook)

Greene opened the fight with a hard 1-2 and used a theep kick. Epps worked for inside leg kicks, but Greene counter with a hard left hook. Greene was the dominant fighter, throwing a hard left hook that scored a knockdown. Epps recovered from the 8-count to score a body kick, but Greene pushed Epps against the ropes hard. With a smashing left hook, Maurice Greene wins by knockout.

LHW: Manny Mancha def. Andre Walker via R3 TKO (Right Hook)

Walker and Mancha opened this fight patiently. Both scored with right hooks, but Walker likely got the better of the first round as the more active fighter. The second round was an absolute barn-burner of an opener with Mancha coming out on fire. He was able to land a hard right hook but Walker countered with a hard 1-2. Both fighters looked rocked during the second and there was no question that the third round would not go the distance. At the opener of the third, Mancha threw a superman punch followed with a right hook that knocked Walker down. After an 8-count and evaluation by John McArthy, Walker is ruled TKO’d. A fantastic fight from the Superfight Series on behalf of both fighters

WW: Omari Boyd def. Chris Carradus via majority decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)

Omari Boyd was a very dominant fighter in the first and second rounds. He controlled the fight in close, leading often with a right hook and countering with the left hook on Carradus’ advances. Carradus was able to land a hard left counter in the second, but was not able to generate an effective offense. A flying knee landed to the cup from Boyd in the third stopped the action and another kick that landed to the cup of Carradus resulted in a point deduction. Carradus was able to get a good left and right hook counter at the end of the third but it was not enough to impress the judges. Boyd takes a commanding decision victory.

Glory 21 Main Card

HW Qualification: Xavier Vigney def. Maurice Jackson via R1 KO (Punches)

Jackson opened the fight with a body kick, but Vigney retaliated with leg kicks. Immediately, Jackson set up shop in the corner and urged Vigney on. Vigney would get the better of the exchanges to set up a hard right straight. Out on his feet Jackson fleed from the corner only to be hit with hooks by Vigney for the KO.

HW Qualification: Chi Lewis-Perry def. Demoreo Dennis via R1 KO (Right Hook)

Dennis scored with a hard right hook to open and rocked Lewis-Perry. Lewis-Perry had a hard left hook to jab to retaliate. After missing with a left hook, Lewis-Perry combo’d with a right hook right on the button to end the fight in the first and qualify for the heavyweight finals.

WW: Raymond Daniels def. Justin Baesman via R1 KO (liver kick)

Daniels set up a hard one two to head kick like only he can. With a spinning back kick to the liver, Daniels takes the TKO.

HW Tournament Final:  Xavier Vigney def. Chi Lewis-Perry Via R2 KO (Punches)

After some opening outside work with leg kicks, Lewis-Perry uncorked on Vigney with a flurry of hooks against the ropes. Vigney survived to counter with a hard right straight. Lewis-Perry landed a hard right straigh and a power left hook. Vigney countered with a hard counter hook at the end of the first round. Lewis-Perry worked with a great stuffing jab at the opening od the second but Vigney retaliated with hard counter hooks and uppercuts. Working with the jab, Vigney cornered Lewis-Perry and unloaded with a hard right hook and finishing punches for the TKO.

MW Championship: Artem Levin and Simon Marcus fight to a majority Draw (48-46, Marcus 47-47 X 2)

This was a very difficult fight to call. It was surprising to see how long the referee let the clinch fight go on, which is Marcus’ A game. Levin was deducted a point in the second round but it’s unclear why. If it was for clinching, both fighters seemed fairly even up to that point in the amount of times they tied up or clinched. This was a very close fight on the scoring side, but the point deduction made a huge difference in this fight. Unbelievably, this fight is scored a majority draw.