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WWE’s Stephanie McMahon Opens Up to Chris Jericho

(WWE veteran Chris Jericho)

Current WWE partial COO Stephanie McMahon spoke with Chris Jericho on his podcast and addressed many different topics that many of the WWE Universe would like to know. Below is a recap from DailyDDT.com on what was said:

-They begin talking about the WWE company party and Jericho jokingly states he should have been invited.

-Stephanie says WWE has 800 employees. She goes into talking about how she was away for two weeks in Singapore and China for business.

-Stephanie calls WWE a pioneer of the media industry.

-Stephanie says having Vince McMahon as her boss is “challenging.” She says there’s a lot of pressure on his kids to do better. She says she’s had to fight for what she does. This was all while Vince was standing right there.

-Stephanie talks about a time when Vince had to send her and Shane back out to re-shoot something because they did it wrong. This was in front of a hot Boston crowd.

-Stephanie says she’s called the “Vince-ess” because of how closely she’s watched him and gets compared to him.

-Jericho and Stephanie talk about her on-screen character and how its developed.

-They talk about the “Be A Star” campaign and how Stephanie plays a bully on TV. She says it’s completely different from how she is.

-Stephanie talks about her first WWE event at the Philadelphia Spectrum. She says she saw George “The Animal” Steele and was freaked out by him. Steele felt really bad and Vince hysterically laughed at it.

-She talks about her bond with Andre the Giant and says people treated him differently.

-Jericho asks Stephanie about how she’s treated for being Vince’s daughter and says she is called snobby by some. Vince told her to look herself in the mirror and believe she’s a good person.

-Stephanie said she had a crush on Bo Duke (character on Dukes of Hazzard).

-She says she began with WWE at 15-years-old by answering phone calls. She tells a story about Bobby Heenan said on TV that there was no Santa Claus and it upset a woman with kids.

-Stephanie talks about working with WWE and what she did to work her way up.

=Vince told Stephanie that she could not date a wrestler. She says she feels he threw together her and Triple H. There was one point where Vince kept them apart but got back together a year later. She says Triple H suffered backlash from them being together.

-Jericho brings up the infamous segment when he hit on Stephanie’s breast job. They talked about how the Rock went on with jokes about the segment and got yelled at by Vince.

-Jericho asks if it’s hard to not have Shane in WWE anymore and Stephanie says yes. She says she always looked up to him.

-Stephanie talks about a talk where she had to slap her Mom and when she slapped Rock at WrestleMania. They talk about the segment with Ronda Rousey and the plan for it. Stephanie says she doesn’t know what will happen with it.

-They talk about the #GiveDivasAChance campaign. She says there’s no reason why the Divas had little ring time. She says it’s something that definitely needs to happen.

-Jericho brings up AJ Lee’s Twitter comment from a few months ago. Stephanie says it didn’t piss her off and was proud of her speaking up.

-Jericho brings up NXT and how the women get main event time. Stephanie says she hopes this translates to the main roster and can “absolutely” happen.

-Stephanie says getting boos is the best part of her job because she loves play the heel role.

-They talk about the Vickie Guerrero retirement angle and how Stephanie was thrown into puddingfor the segment last year.

-She says the hardest thing is getting time with her husband, Triple H.

-Stephanie brings up how her oldest daughter trained a little bit with Natalya and wants to be a Diva.

-Stephanie says her favorite moment her SummerSlam match with Brie Bella.