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Retired UFC Fighter Chris Leben Says Sliva and Koscheck Should Retire

Photo via bloodyelbow.com

Chris Leben (22-11) was recently interviewed on Submission Radio and addressed the careers of former Ultimate Fighter house mate Josh Koscheck and former opponent Anderson Silva.

“I mean what else does he have to prove?” asked Leben on koscheck who has 5 losses in a row. “Let it go. I mean, there comes a point in everybody’s life where you gotta say ‘you know I think I’ve proven everything I can and I’ve pushed as far as I can go’. And in my opinion it’s better to burn out than fade away.”

Leben tested positive for the PED Stanozolol following his 2008 unanimous decision loss vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 89, but he expressed great surprise when former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva failed a PED test at the age of 40.

“I was blown away,” said Leben. “Really I was. Anderson’s such a natural athlete and everything else, but I mean, I can understand it, coming of an injury like that, and with his age and where he’s at. That being said, god I know I sound like a broken record, but I mean if he would have just went out and retired after breaking his leg and everything else, and said ‘look, this is a catastrophic injury. I was the best fighter of all time.’ The world was his oyster at that point, and god I know I fucked up, but it’s a definitely a little bit damaging to his legacy I guess. And I know he’s one of the nicest guys. Every time he’s so respectful, he’s so great, and I understand what it is to want to still compete and to want to try to keep your body healthy, but that was a…

“I guess in particular getting caught was a bit f—ed up. You know what I’m saying? I mean don’t get me wrong, everybody kind of looked at me one way, but in the world’s eyes Anderson Silva was just a whole other beast, and that really did a lot more damage I think than if somebody like me were to get caught.”

Chris Leben lost to Silva in Anderson’s first ever UFC bout at UFC Fight Night 5 all the way back in 2006 via knock out in just forty-nine seconds into the first round.