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Don Frye Says He’d Fight Kimbo Slice, Comments on Silva’s PED’s


Pride and UFC legend Don Frye (20-9-1) was on Submission radio lately and talked about possibly facing internet sensation Kimbo Slice (4-2) and he weighed in on Anderson Silva being busted for performance enhancing drugs.

“I’m just getting myself in shape, just in case Ken gets hurt and pulls out, and then I’ll step in his place and fight Kimbo,” said Frye. “That’s what I said. I threw my hat in the ring. If Ken gets hurt and has to step out, you know I’m here. I’ll step in the cage to challenge Kimbo. I think it’d be a great fight – Kimbo and myself.”

“I’ll tell you what, I see the fans going crazy, a standing ovation, seeing Don Frye return to the cage; you know there’ll be trumpets blaring, there’ll be angels coming down, floating above the cage, and there’ll be women crying, you know soldiers saluting and fireworks exploding them without anybody lighting them, and dogs howling.”

“When I walk in there, Kimbo Slice will walk in there and he’ll slip in a puddle of piss when he looks across the corner at me, and it’ll be the end of the fight. He’ll knock himself out when he falls on his head.”

Frye on Anderson Silva testing positive for PEDs: Not a big deal.

“You know what, big deal,” said Frye. “Big deal. You know obviously he needed them to recover, help the recovery process. That’s a major injury. Without those steroids it would have been impossible to come back, you know. Give the guy a break. He had a broken leg. He almost sent his foot flying off in to the 5th row. He came back from something really nasty, so he used some steroids to helped strengthen his body. It’s something that needs to be more of. You know if we weren’t so god damn stupid in congress and would learn stuff – we don’t take time to learn things or understand things through our research. We just say “oh you know, this is bad, but that’s it”

“They’ll say ‘this thing’s evil’. This is an evil milk carton. This milk carton causes cancer, and it’s all the milk carton’s fault’ you know? And you’re blaming an inanimate object for evil accidents, and criminy he needs it. Give the guy a break. He’s a world champion, he’s one of the best fighters this planet has ever seen, and Nick Diaz didn’t whine about it. Ask the opponent. How do they feel? I guarantee you Nick Diaz doesn’t give a shit.”


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