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UFC’s Ronda Rousey VS WWE’s Stephanie McMahon at Wrestlemania 32?


At last Sunday’s Wrestlemania 31, Ronda Rousey was invited to the WWE ring by former WWE Champion and star of Furious 7, The Rock. When the pair entered the ring Rousey put the hurtin’ on Stephanie McMahon and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) layeth the smackdown on WWE COO Triple H.

According to MixedMartialArts.com after the encounter, the search: “Ronda Rousey” had been utilized over 100,000 times. Her name had been searched more than “Brock Lesnar” (at that time the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion), “The Undertaker” (who could’ve been competing in the last match of his historic career) and “The Rock” (the man who escorted her to the ring.

Last week the UFC released a statement that Rousey’s appearance was just a one time affair, however famed write Dave Meltzer believes such is not the case. Meltzer studies the fine line between professional wrestling and fight sports and believes such a match is possible, could and should happen.

Yesterday on the website MMAFighting.com, Meltzer released an article where he breaks down the possiblities of this super-mega fight match taking place.

“While there was only an agreement in place for this one appearance, sources in WWE confirm that is not the idea. WWE sources say the idea is two singles matches, meaning Rousey vs. McMahon is the match they are looking at doing.”

“There are some huge issues involved.”

“When Vince McMahon tried to put together Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at the 2011 WrestleMania, Dana White nixed the match. Historically, the UFC has sent mixed messages about participating in pro wrestling. The positive from a UFC standpoint is that Rousey will expand her celebrityhood. To do a match that high profile she’d also have to appear on WWE television, which reaches millions of viewers each week and she would be promoted like crazy for the last month or so before the show. That, in theory, means creating more fans who may be interested in buying her pay-per-views. That was one of the reasons Floyd Mayweather Jr. made a similar move in 2008.”

“There are reasons UFC would not want its top star doing pro wrestling that high profile, particularly if she’s still an active champion at that point. There is marketplace confusion and even credibility questions to a portion of society that still doesn’t connect that MMA really is. Even though not real sport, the injury risk in doing pro wrestling is very real. The UFC frowns on its fighters riding motorcycles. But performing in pro wrestling is infinitely more dangerous.”

“Rousey’s appearance wasn’t advertised, so it didn’t sell pay-per-views or live tickets. It was clearly designed for a payoff, not as the payoff. When Rousey grabbed Stephanie McMahon at the end of the segment, she didn’t take her down, and she didn’t put her in an armbar, which would be the money spot. That was clearly being saved for a match.”