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Hendricks Reacts to Ben Askren, Conor McGregor and Mike Dolce


At UFC 185, the current ONE FC and former Bellator Welterweight Champion Ben Askren pretended like he knocked on Johny Hendrick’s locker room door. Hendricks was annoyed but didn’t really care. He recounted his thoughts on the matter recently on an edition of Submission radio.

“Are kidding me? Yeah here’s the thing, he’s going to do anything he can to get into the UFC. Why wouldn’t he? You know what I mean? But you also can’t call the owner or the manager a… [laughs] you know you can’t sit there and say stuff to them and act like it’s going to be okay when it comes time to get in there. And that’s where the thing is that he sees that I could be his ‘meal ticket’, and I’m not going to be that.”

“I don’t care what he says. I gotta worry about Robbie Lawler, I gotta worry about Rory MacDonald and a bunch of other guys that are coming for me or coming for that belt. So as of right now, he could say whatever he wants to, do whatever he wants to, but I don’t know if people are listening, in a sense. Because I’m not. Like I said, I’m focused onRobbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald. We’ll see what happens. That’s where my main focus is because I want my belt back.”

Hendricks was then asked if he believes it was disrespectful for Conor McGregor to snatch the belt away from Jose Aldo at their press conference last week.

“Yes I do,” said Hendricks. “Now if Aldo said ‘hey, you wanna hold my belt?’ and he took it that way, yes. But you know ripping it from somebody who’s earned it is… yes I think that’s where – you know, I like McGregor, but that’s where I had to say ‘hey that’s not [cool]’. Because I understand he’s doing it for publicity or whatever he was doing it for. But you know hey, get it, then you could do it. Until it’s actually wrapped around your waist, that’s just like where I’m like ‘hey you crossed the line.’”

On how difficult it was for Hendricks to eat healthy and if he had to throw his old food habits out the window. Johny then dropped famed nutritionist Mike Dolce for his last camp, which many interpreted as rebuke of the Dolce Diet, but it was not. Hendricks described how it went.

“My wife and me, we got some friends involved with it and what we’d do is every Sunday after church, everybody would come over and then we would prep for the week,” he said. “And not only that, but I also added a lot of weight lifting. You know, I think you all could tell from the last weight cut to this one. I feel like I’m stronger and I feel like I have more muscle.”

“The reason why [I dropped Dolce] is because we always called him ‘the miracle worker’ because he’d get me from 215 or 220 down to 170, and I think I relied too much on him. And this last weight cut or whenever I was using him, I was just like ‘you know what? I gotta do it by myself’. If I don’t do it by myself then I’m not going to make the changes.”

“I feel like if I see him I’m going to happy to see him. Like he’s still working with me if that makes sense, but I just knew that it was time for me to really separate myself and say hey, if people are going to be calling me fat or out of shape, or this or that, it’s time to take it into my own hands.”

“[The Dolce Diet] does [work], because even today I still use some of the Dolce diet. The only thing is that I just add seasoning to a lot of my stuff. And hey, he got from 215 to 170 for what, 2 and a half years? You know what I mean? So yeah I think he works, but then again you know everybody’s different, and the reason why I say this is because, for example if you go out and try and get a striking coach today, and whenever you’re doing something definitely like this, whenever your life is sort of on the line, if you go out there and you know you need to get into the Octagon with somebody, and you know that they’re going to try and beat your face in, are you just going to trust anybody? You know what I mean?

“It’s like a trust barrier that sometimes people have it and they say ‘hey it’s the best thing ever’. And there’s going to be guys that when stuff like this happens, they’re gonna be like ‘man I just didn’t feel it’ and that’s where I say, to each to their own. Maybe those guys just didn’t feel it, they weren’t… they didn’t have that connection. Does that make sense? And whenever you step into an octagon – you know it’s a little bit different if you’re just losing weight, but whenever you’re trying to actually get in there and be at your peak performance, it’s always a little tougher to get that.”

“I’ve been eating healthy since my fight and I’m still waking up well under 200, and one thing I’ve learned is portion control. So for example if I eat pizza, instead of eating the whole thing, I eat three slices and then I put it up. Or if I go out to eat, I eat until I’m full, but not like over-full, and I think that’s sort of everybody’s problem is that whenever you’re paying for something, people are like ‘I wanna get it all down’.”

“As soon as I get on my diet, you know I’m waking up at 200 right now. There’s a chance I could probably be walking around at 192, and that’d be nice, you know an extra 8 pounds that I don’t have to lose.”