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Hendricks Picks Rory MacDonald to Take UFC Title From Robbie Lawler

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Former UFC Welterweight Champion, Johny Hendricks (17-3) was a guest on Submission radio recently and weighed in on a variety of interesting topics. The first of which if he knew what was going on in the judges mind after hearing the announcement of his last loss to Robbie Lawler for his Title at UFC 181.

“No I didn’t,” said Hendricks. “And you know I’ve looked at a lot of things. There’s things out there that say I outpunched him, I out-struck him, I took him down – even though I wasn’t able to do some things on the ground, but they still gotta count for something, you know what I mean? Two is, even though he was sort of pushing forward, a lot of his stuff didn’t hit. I was doing angles, you know? Whenever they read out that [I lost the fight] I was actually disappointed. You know what I mean? Because that’s the second time something like that happened.

“The first time you’re shocked, but you’re not really because you’re fighting somebody like GSP. And I thought I did enough to win, but I guess they didn’t see it. But to beat the champion you’ve gotta really beat the champion, and I don’t think he did. I still feel like I won that fight, but in the record books it is – I think it’s funny. You know I’m 1 and 4 in Vegas, did you know that? Yeah I’m 1 and 4 in Vegas, and what I’m 17-3. So it’s disheartening, you know what I mean? I love Vegas, I’ll go back, but it’s still… I gotta figure out what the judges want. I gotta look at it and I gotta sit there and say ‘ok you want this, you like that. That’s what I’m going to work for.'”

“You go in there and you try to put on a show, you try to to do this, you try to do that, make fans happy, and then stuff like that happens. Then you’re like ‘okay, what do I gotta do to win that fight?’ Then you start going back and you re-look at it. GSP [in the] second round, I had him down on his back, he couldn’t get up. The crowd started booing a little bit and guess what happened? I let him up. Okay, well he couldn’t get up from the bottom if I would have kept pounding him, and kept throwing punches and doing stuff like that. That would have worn him out a lot more heading into the third, fourth and fifth round. So those are the things that you’re really, you know it starts wearing on you; because I want to keep the fans happy and I want to do those things, but I also want to win.”

The current 170 lb champion Robbie Lawler fights Rory MacDonald at UFC 189 on July 11, and Hendricks likes the challenger’s chances at winning.

“The first fight was close,” said Hendricks. “It was closer than I remember, because every time I looked up I hear the crowd yelling and I was like ‘oh man’. At first I was like ‘oh man, Robbie Lawler really took it to Rory MacDonald’, and then I re-watched it. I thought it was a lot closer than before. I still think Lawler won, but I think it was a lot closer than I even gave credit to him. Because you know, I’m in the back warming up – but this fight I think Rory MacDonald.

“He’s got great coaches, he’s going to figure out a way. They’re game-planners. They’re guys that are going to do this, this, and this, and they’re going to make sure that everything runs to a ‘T’, and so this one I’m actually sort of excited to see, because Robbie Lawler. you can never count him out of a fight, because no matter what you do he seems like he’s always in it. So this is a fight that’s going to be, can Robbie Lawler walk him down and land that punch? Or canRory MacDonald keep him at bay, keep him at distance and get the win?”

Johny will more than likely take on whoever wins in that contest and is more than ok with taking on someone different.

“This has torn me for a while now,” he said. “You know there’s a part of me that would like to get a win over Robbie Lawler, but then again it was sort of nice to train for somebody new. You know for the three months, it gets boring for when you fought him, and you fought him, and you train for him, and you train for him and then going back and training for him again. I will, but it’s like, you want that, to train for him again so that you can get your hand raised and it could be over with. Or you could sit there and say ‘hey, it’d be nice for 3 and a half months to train for somebody like Rory MacDonald’. Train for new stuff to always improve.”


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