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Why Triple H Dislikes Goldberg and Will Ronda Rousey Return to the WWE?

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Goldberg was recently interviewed by Sporting News and specifically mentioned why WWE CEO Vince McMahon and WWE COO Triple H aren’t too fond of him. In 2003 Goldberg had a run in the WWE and mainly competed in main events alongside Triple H and event won the title and defended it on a couple of occasions. However one of his main annoyances was the comparisons he thinks the WWE shares with a carnival.

“I think there’s great disdain for me because I wasn’t one of their boys because I didn’t want to playtheir game,” Goldberg said. “Because I felt like I was part of the team and all I needed to do was come in and play my part and I didn’t have to fraternize and just play that game. I came from the NFL.

“I wanted to treat this as a business and I’m going to come in, do my thing, and leave. I didn’t take things personally until they brought it to a personal level. I think that was cheesy and I think its carnish. It’s like being a carny. I just chose not to deal with it because life’s too short. I don’t want to have to look over my shoulder for my boss. That’s ridiculous, I’m 48 years old. I’m not a kid. I don’t need to crawl back to anybody for anything. I’ll dig a ditch before I do that. I had a lot of fun digging ditches.”

Another athlete in the news with the WWE is UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey (11-0) who appeared alongside The Rock at Wrestlemania 31 last weekend.

The Rock made a surprise appearance to interrupt Stephanie McMahon and Triple H after their bad mouthing of the WWE Universe. Dwayne Johnson (Rock) had heard enough and stated his case that the WWE Universe is the only thing that keeps the WWE together. Stephanie then proceeded to smack the taste out of the “Great One’s” mouth.

The Rock kept his cool and exited the ring proclaiming that he would never hit a lady. However he knew a certain female in the audience at Levi’s Center who could smell exactly what he was cooking up. He then invited UFC Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey by his side and the pair gave Stephanie and Triple H one way tickets to the Smackdown Hotel, right down know your role blvd and a right on jabroni drive.

The speculation began almost instantly if Rousey had signed a contract to appear more on WWE programming and maybe even enter a feud with the billion dollar princess, Stephanie McMahon. However those dreams were dashed when the UFC released this official statement:

“Ronda Rousey does NOT have a deal with the WWE, her WrestleMania appearance was a “one-off”.

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