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Jim Ross Compares Seth Rollins to Ric Flair, HBK and More

Jim Ross

Former WWE Commentator and current WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross hopped on his blog once more and addressed all of the new champions crowned at Wrestlemania 31. Ross had especially good things to say about The New WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. He also wrote on Sheamus’s heel turn and what he thinks of NXT’s talent Finn Balor.

“The star of the show and the hottest commodity in WWE right now was Brock Lesnar who made an IMPACT for the ages. Monday night was one night that I was pleased to not be the “Voice of Monday Night RAW” any longer. I’ve taken enough ass whippings on TV to last a life time and having Brock get physical with yours truly isn’t on my bucket list.”

“I think that WWE has done a stellar job in the placement of their titles including Rollins/WWE Champ, Cena/US Champ, and Daniel Bryan/IC Champ, Potential new matches abound and I only hope that these titles don’t become a hot potato and begin changing hands where one needs a program to remember who the title holders are. All three of the current champions can in their own unique way build equity in their respect championships. That is good booking.”

“Rollins is an example of a highly desirable, beatable WWE Champion which can be a booker’s dream. So was Flair and HBK back in the day. However, Rollins needs to subscribe to the less is more philosophy as it relates to taking massive bumps in volume so that his shelf life can be extended for as long as possible. Great example of how working in the Indies, for ROH and in NXT can all combine to take one to the Promised Land.”

“If Sheamus is going to become a villain, which I like BTW, hopefully he will master many of the villain nuances that others have failed to prioritize such as cheating to gain an unfair advantage and selling like a villain. Sheamus needs to also be as physical as possible until it is time for him to acquire the ‘limber tail’ in his matches.”

“Answered several Q&A’s here on he site today including what I thought about NXT’s Finn Balor. He’s spectacular and has a bright future if he can stay healthy and emotionally invested in his craft which only time an tell. The Irishman is ready for WWE’s main roster now but only if he is introduced impactfully and that takes a strategic plan and spot on creative plus a 6 month outline of who he works with during his introductory period, IMO. Nonetheless, I see greatness ahead for the young man. I actually got to meet his father and mother Friday night at the NXT show in San Jose and they were rightfully proud of their son….so was I.”